The Children’s Rights Academy brings together the continuing education programmes and activities of the University of Geneva’s Centre for Children's Rights Studies. The Children’s Rights Academy is convinced that advancing critical reflection, empirical knowledge and intellectual curiosity amongst children’s rights professionals significantly contributes to respecting children’s rights and values children’s positive contribution to society. To understand the growing complexity of children’s interconnected local and global lifeworlds and to allow the development of comprehensive policy responses, continuing education programmes and activities need to be firmly embedded with the interdisciplinary field of children’s rights studies and must establish strong connections with national and international academic and professional networks.

The Children’s Rights Academy develops a large and diversified portfolio of excellent continuing education programmes and activities in the field of children’s rights studies to professionals who work or are planning to work in the fields of children’s rights, childhood and youth policy and child and youth services at the national and international levels. The content of its programmes and activities are supported by the research and outreach activities undertaken at the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies as well as at other children’s rights and childhood studies research centres in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. The Children’s Rights Academy’s long-term interactions with international organizations, NGOs and experts in Geneva’s global children’s rights ecosystem as well as with international, national and local stakeholders from related policy and professional fields guarantees the social relevance of its programmes and activities.

The Children’s Rights Academy’s programmes and activities are learner-centred, based on tailormade stimulating pedagogical designs. They employ a variety of active learning methods and quality pedagogical tools including present, distance and hybrid components which are developed in collaboration with the University of Geneva’s Continuing and distance education centre.


Photo © Yves Leresche