Best paper award procedure

As with previous SIG14 conferences, there will be a Best Paper award for the 2018 event. Unlike previous years, the intention is to make judgements about the papers during the conference period and the winner will be announced during the conference.

The process is as follows.

Firstly, during the review of abstracts, reviewers will be asked to indicate whether the abstract should be considered for the award.

Secondly, those who have been nominated will be invited to submit a full paper by June 30th 2018, to the conference organisers.

Thirdly, a panel chaired by and comprising previous SIG coordinators will review and make decisions about the papers through a meeting prior to the conference.

Fourthly, the winner will be announced at the business meeting at the conference.

We would encourage reviewers to consider carefully which abstracts might lend themselves to a Best paper, and for those whose papers are nominated to prepare a full paper by the required date.


The best paper has been awarded to Mariana Orozco, David Gijbels and Christiane Timmerman (University of Antwerp), for their paper entitled « Empirical conceptualisation of integrative learning. A focus on theory-practice integration ».
Congratulations to the laureates!