Conference theme

Interaction, learning and professional development

The EARLI SIG14 Learning and Professional Development focuses on professional and vocational education and training and has a particular set of interests associated with learning at and for work. The conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, who are interested in investigating learning and instructional processes in connection with professional practices. It encourages research and reflection developing interdisciplinarity, methodological diversity, inter-professional collaboration and explores the relations between learning and development in educational and professional contexts.

For this 9th edition of the conference, a special attention will be dedicated to the topic of Interaction, learning and professional development. Much of work and learning is premised upon interactions between and amongst interlocutors. Increasingly, professional work is becoming a group and, often, and inter-professional endeavour. Equally, contemporary conceptions of learning emphasise interactions between individuals who are learning and social partners, artefacts and social settings. Even models of professional development are increasingly being focused on models of interaction. From that standpoint, the conference will investigate the role and place of social interactions in ways learning and professional development may be conceptualised, investigated and supported.

The conference will focus on the following research topics and themes:

  • Work and education as contexts for professional learning and development
  • Theories and methodologies for the study of professional learning and development
  • Constraints and affordances of professional learning and work identities
  • Vocational education and training in schooling and working life contexts
  • Adult learning processes within the context of work
  • Interactions at work and in vocational education
  • Computer-supported collaborative learning in vocational and professional education
  • Work analysis in vocational education and professional development