Farewell Hugo!

Hugo originally joined the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Geneva in 1993 as a Postdoc and was appointed as an MER in 1998. During the 90s and early 2000s, he was instrumental in developing the first real-world quantum key distribution (QKD) systems as well as working on single photon detectors -- techniques and principles which are still in use to this day!

In 2012, Hugo was appointed to the position of Associate Professor at the University of Geneva and launched the Quantum Technologies group, continuing his groundbreaking work in QKD systems, single photon detector systems, and networks. Hugo has decided to retire early, although he has been appointed as an Honorary Professor and will continue, at least part time, to further advance quantum key distribution. His dynamic presence and leadership was hugely appreciated in the Department, and he will be extremely missed by all.

As a passionate advocate for green ways of living, and particularly of cycling, Hugo will no doubt continue to greatly influence life in and around Geneva through his work. He is also currently involved in establishing the Vigo Quantum Communication Center at the University of Vigo.

We wish Hugo an enjoyable retirement, and best of luck with all his future ventures!


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