23 - 27th of August: Quantum thermo summer school in person! Les diablerets, Switzerland

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Registration starts 1st of July. Marti Perarnau-Llobet & Géraldine Haack are among the invited lecturers.


6th July 2021: online IOP Workshop on Recent Advances in Quantum Thermodynamics with a focus on many-body physics


Invited speakers: Liliana Arrachea (Argentina), Adolfo del Campo (Luxemburg), Dario Poletti (Singapore), Marcos Rigol (Penn State)

Registration deadline: 5th of July 2021


Every Tuesday during the academic year: Quantum Science theory seminar

We regularly invite young and advanced researchers for onsite or online seminars. If you have any interest in our research topics, please feel free to contact us.



Sep 16, 2016, 11:30 AM
Morgan Weston, Griffith University, Australia. Entanglement is a key resource to many quantum information protocols, making rigorous verification of remote shared entanglement highly sought after. We design and experimentally implement a new heralded quantum steering protocol in order to verify shared entanglement over a high loss quantum channel, with the detection loophole closed. Our scheme uses entanglement swapping with two high-performance telecom-wavelength, polarisation-entangled photon sources and highly efficient detectors. Our approach has demonstrated violation of the steering inequality by two standard deviations with 14.8 dB of added channel loss, equivalent to approximately 80km of telecom fibre.