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Research project Immens

The research project "Immersion and content-oriented language teaching: Didactic sequences and insertion into primary school's curriculum" of 2016-2019 has led to the development in 2020 of an online tool for the presentation of didactic sequences created by the GRIDALP (Groupe de Recherche Interaction, Discours, Acquisition, Langues, Plurilinguisme)of the School of French Language and Civilization (ELCF) and funded by the Research Centre on Multilingualism.


Research Team Immens

Project management: Prof. Laurent Gajo

Staff: Gabriela Steffen, Ivana Vuksanović, Audrey Freytag Lauer




Funding of the research project Immens




Production of video capsules and website Immens

Reto Steffen


Translation and multilingual subtitles

Gabriela Steffen


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The Immens research project was funded by: logo-centre-pluri.png