Topics in Geometric Function Theory

In Les Diablerets'2018

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February 11 - 16, 2018, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Organized by Dmitry Belyaev (Oxford Univ.), Ilia Binder (Univ. of Toronto),
Marianna Russkikh (Univ. de Genève), Stanislav Smirnov (Univ. de Genève)

Last update: February 6th 2018

To contact the organizers email:,, or

E. Abakoumov (Université Paris-Est)
K. Astala (Aalto University)
Y. Belov (SPbSU)
D. Belyaev (Oxford University)
I. Binder (University of Toronto)
C. Bishop (SUNY Stony Brook)
A. Borodin (MIT)
R. Boykii (UNIGE)
A. Bytsko (UNIGE)
L. Chen (University of Helsinki)
H. Duminil-Copin (IHES, UNIGE)
A. Glazman (Tel Aviv University)
C. Hongler (EPFL)
K. Izyurov (University of Helsinki)
A. Kiro (Tel Aviv University)
M. Khristoforov (UNIGE)
A. Knowles (UNIGE)
T. Kojar (University of Toronto)
D. Krachun (University of Cambridge)
Y. Kubivskiy (UNIGE)
A. Kupiainen (University of Helsinki)
J-F. Le Gall (Univ. Paris-Sud Orsay)
P. Lin (University of Washington)
A. Logunov (Princeton University)
E. Malinnikova (NTNU)
I. Manolescu (University of Fribourg)
G. Mikhalkin (UNIGE)
S. Muirhead (King's College London)
A. Nishry (Tel Aviv University)
S. Ott (UNIGE)
E. Peltola (UNIGE)
A. Poltoratski (Texas AM University)
E. Powell (ETHZ)
L. Richards (University of Toronto)
S. Rohde (University of Washington)
M. Russkikh (UNIGE)
E. Saksman (University of Helsinki)
S. Smirnov (UNIGE)
T. Smirnova-Nagnibeda (UNIGE)
D. Smirnova (UNIGE)
M. Sodin (Tel Aviv University)
M.B. Stine (NTNU)
F. Viklund (KTH)
Y. Wang (ETHZ)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:30 -- 9:00 Breakfast
9:20 -- 10:10 E. Saksman E. Malinnikova /
A. Logunov
Free morning E. Malinnikova /
A. Logunov
Y. Belov
10:10 -- 10:30 Coffee break Coffee break
10:30 -- 11:20 K. Astala E. Malinnikova /
A. Logunov
E. Malinnikova /
A. Logunov
H. Duminil-Copin
11:25 -- 12:15 A. Kupiainen A. Nishry S. Rohde / P. Lin J-F. Le Gall
12:30 -- 13:30 Lunch
17:00 -- 17:30 Coffee break Departure
18:00 -- 18:50 A. Poltoratski A. Borodin C. Bishop H. Duminil-Copin
19:30 Dinner
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In case of any problem you can call:
Marianna Russkikh : +41 76 652 36 31

Accommodation: Rooms have been reserved in Hotel Les Sources and Hotel Victoria . You can check which hotel is reserved for you here
Lunch and dinner are provided. It will be held for everybody in Hotel Les Sources. Breakfast is served in the hotel in which you reside. For those eager to ski, it is possible to have a picnic for lunch. In order to obtain it you will need to sign up the previous evening at Hotel Les Sources. This is also where you can pick up the picnic, starting at mid day.

Directions: From Geneva or Zurich airports, take the train to les Diablerets (you can buy tickets online at There is no direct train; one should stop at the station Aigles before taking another train to Les Diablerets. From the train station to the hotel, take the road and then the path following the river up (you will have to cross the river: use the bridge :-) ). After passing the big building of Hotel Victoria, the Hotel Les Sources is on your right. Start worrying if you walked more than 15-20 minutes and panic if you walk more than 30 minutes. Here is a map.
There is a shuttle service from the Diablerets train station to the hotel. If you wish to be picked up, you need to send us your arrival time.

Blackboard vs. beamer: Both blackboard and beamer talks are welcome.

Wireless internet: There is free wireless internet at the hotel.

Ski: Les Diablerets is a ski resort. February being the best month for skiing, part of the afternoon will be free to leave the possibility for skiing. We therefore recommend that you bring ski clothes (the equipment can easily be rented in Les Diablerets).

Departure. For participants staying at Les Sources: check-out is at 9:00 am, the luggage can be kept for the whole day (on Friday in the Isenau Room located in the second floor)

Les Sources

E. Abakoumov
Y. Belov
D. Belyaev
I. Binder
R. Boykii
A. Bytsko
L. Chen
H. Duminil-Copin
A. Glazman
Y. He
C. Hongler
K. Izyurov
A. Kiro
M. Khristoforov
T. Kojar
D. Krachun
Y. Kubivskiy
J.H. Li
P. Lin
A. Logunov
I. Manolescu
G. Mikhalkin
A. Nishry
S. Ott
E. Peltola
E. Powell
L. Richards
M. Russkikh
S. Smirnov
T. Smirnova-Nagnibeda
D. Smirnova
M.B. Stine
Y. Wang


K. Astala
C. Bishop
A. Borodin
A. Kupiainen
J-F. Le Gall
E. Malinnikova
S. Muirhead
A. Poltoratski
S. Rohde
E. Saksman
M. Sodin
F. Viklund