Mathematical Physics Seminar

Mathematical Physics seminar at Geneva University

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2020, Spring:

17/02/2020. Speaker: Marianna Russkikh
Title: Dimers and embeddings

02/03/2020. Speaker: Raphaël Butez
Title: Outliers for zeros of random polynomials and Coulomb gases

09/03/2020. Speaker: Charles Bordenave
Title: Strong asymptotic freeness for representations of independent Haar unitary matrices

As Zoom meeting

30/03/2020. Speaker: Hugo Duminil-Copin
Title: Gaussianity of the 4D Ising model

20/04/2020. Speaker: Thomas Leblé
Title: Two "physical" characterizations of the Sine-beta process

27/04/2020. Speaker: Christophe Garban
Title: Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and statistical reconstruction of the Gaussian free field

04/05/2020. Speaker: Franco Severo
Title: On the diameter of Gaussian free field excursion clusters away from criticality

11/05/2020. Speaker: Simone Warzel
Title: Mean-Field Quantum Spin Glasses

18/05/2020. Speaker: Antti Knowles
Title: Field theory as a limit of interacting quantum Bose gases

25/05/2020. Speaker: Paul Melotti
Title: The eight-vertex model via dimers

15/06/2020. Speaker: Yacine Aoun
Title: Sharp asymptotics of correlation functions in the subcritical long-range random-cluster and Potts models

2019, Autumn:

16/09/2019. Speaker: Antti Knowles
Title: Expander graphs and the spectral gap of random regular graphs

23/09/2019. Speaker: Dominik Schröder
Title: Edge Universality for non-Hermitian Random Matrices

30/09/2019. Speaker: Vittoria Silvestri
Title: Fluctuations and mixing of Internal DLA on cylinders

07/10/2019. Speaker: Jonathan Hermon
Title: Anchored expansion in supercritical percolation on nonamenable graphs

14/10/2019. Speaker: Phan Thành Nam
Title: Nonlinear Gibbs measures as the limit of equilibrium quantum Bose gases

21/10/2019. Speaker: Daniel Lenz
Title: Spectral theory of one-dimensional quasicrystals

28/10/2019. Speaker: Alessandro Olgiati
Title: Stability of the Laughlin phase in presence of interactions

04/11/2019. Speaker: Christian Webb
Title: How much can the eigenvalues of a random Hermitian matrix fluctuate?

11/11/2019. Speaker: Nicolai Reshetikhin
Title: Limit shapes in statistical mechanics

12/11/2019. Speaker: Tyler Helmuth
Title: Random spanning forests and hyperbolic symmetry

18/11/2019. Speaker: Mikhail Khristoforov
Title: Discrete multi-point and vector-valued observables in percolation.

25/11/2019. Speaker: Izabella Stuhl
Title: The hard-core model in discrete 2D: ground states, dominance, Gibbs measures

02/12/2019. Speaker: Vieri Mastropietro
Title: Renormalization Group approach to universality in non-integrable systems

02/12/2019. Speaker: Christopher J. Bishop
Title: Weil-Petersson curves and finite total curvature.

16/12/2019. Speaker: Lucas Benigni
Title: Fermionic eigenvector moment flow

2019, Spring:

25/02/2019. Speaker: Eveliina Peltola
Title: Crossing probabilities of multiple Ising interfaces

04/03/2019. Speaker: Franck Gabriel
Title: Neural Tangent Kernel: Convergence and Generalization in Neural Networks (joint work with Arthur Jacot and Clément Hongler)

11/03/2019. Speaker: Pierre Collet
Title: Time scales in some large population birth and death processes, quasistationary distribution and resilience

18/03/2019. Speaker: Ellen Powell
Title: Welding critical LQG surfaces

25/03/2019. Speaker: Noam Berger
Title: Moment estimates for regenerations in RWRE in the absence of a zero-one law

01/04/2019. Speaker: Jean-Pierre Eckmann
Title: Hamiltonian breathers with dissipation

08/04/2019. Speaker: Janne Junnila
Title: Imaginary multiplicative chaos and the XOR-Ising model

15/04/2019. Speaker: Roman Boykiy
Title: Dimensions of LQG-type random maps

29/04/2019. Speaker: Karen Habermann
Title: A semicircle law and decorrelation for iterated Kolmogorov loops

06/05/2019. Speaker: Eero Saksman
Title: Decompositions of log-correlated fields with applications

13/05/2019. Speaker: Lukas Schoug
Title: Dimensions of the two-valued sets of the 2D GFF

21/05/2019. Speaker: Tom Hutchcroft
Title: Percolation critical exponents inequalities via randomised algorithms

27/05/2019. Speaker: Roland Bauerschmidt
Title: Log-Sobolev inequalities for some strongly correlated spin systems

2018, Autumn:

24/09/2018. Speaker: Alexander Glazman
Title: Random Lipschitz functions and 6-vertex model via spin representations

01/10/2018. Speaker: Hugo Vanneuville
Title: Level set percolation for Gaussian fields

08/10/2018. Speaker: Thomas Budzinski
Title: Supercritical causal maps: geodesics and simple random walk

15/10/2018. Speaker: Raphael Ducatez
Title: Anderson model and random products of matrices

22/10/2018. Speaker: Jiri Cerny
Title: The maximal particle of branching random walk in random environment

29/10/2018 and 30/10/2018.
SPECIAL EVENT: 4 x 45min lectures by Yilin Wang
Monday 29.10, 15:15-16:00 and 16:45-17:00, ACACIAS, SM17
Tuesday 30.10, 15:00-15:45 and 16:15-17:00, ACACIAS, SwissMap Meeting Room, 3rd floor
Title: The Loewner energy at the crossroad of random geometry, geometric function theory, and Teichmueller theory

05/11/2018. Speaker: Benoit Laslier
Title: Logarithmic variance for uniform homomorphisms on Z^2

12/11/2018. Speaker: Damien Gayet
Title: Percolation without FKG

19/11/2018. Speaker: David Belius
Title: The TAP-Plefka variational principle for mean field spin glasses

26/11/2018. Speaker: Mikhail Basok
Title: Tau-functions a la Dubedat and cylindrical events in the double-dimer model

10/12/2018. Speaker: Alain Joye
Title: Representations of canonical commutation relations describing infinite coherent states

17/12/2018. Speaker: Giovanni Antinucci
Title: A Hierarchical Supersymmetric Model for Weakly Disordered 3d Semimetals

2018, Spring:

19/02/2018. Speaker: Misha Khristoforov
Title: An order/disorder perturbation of percolation model. A highroad to Cardy's formula.

26/02/2018. Speaker: Gaultier Lambert
Title: Stein's method for normal approximation of linear statistics of beta-ensembles

05/03/2018. Speaker: Lorenz Hilfiker
Title: Solutions to Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz equations and Y-systems

12/03/2018. Speaker: Sasha Sodin
Title: Non-Hermitian random Schroedinger operators

26/03/2018. Speaker: Alessandro Giuliani
Title: Plate-nematic phase in a 3D hard-core particle system

09/04/2018. Speaker: Thierry Bodineau
Title: Perturbative regimes for deterministic dynamics of a diluted gas of hard spheres

16/04/2018. Speaker: Yilin Wang
Title: The Loewner energy of a simply connected domain on the Riemann sphere

23/04/2018. Speaker: Pierre Youssef
Title: On the norm of Gaussian random matrices

07/05/2018. Speaker: Nathanael Berestycki
Title: Dimer model on surfaces

14/05/2018. Speaker: Konstantin Izyurov
Title: Scaling limits of critical Ising correlations: convergence, fusion rules, applications to SLE

28/05/2018. Speaker: Alex Karrila
Title: Boundary visits of loop-erased random walks

04/06/2018. Speaker: Marcin Lis
Title: The double random current nesting field

2017, Autumn:

25/09/2017. Speaker: Alexander Glazman
Title: Phase transition in the loop O(n) model

02/10/2017. Speaker: Sung Chul Park
Title: Ising Model: Local Spin Correlations and Conformal Invariance

09/10/2017. Speaker: Yvan Velenik
Title: Ornstein-Zernike theory of Ising and Potts models: a review of some applications

16/10/2017. Speaker: Joonas Turunen
Title: Critical Ising model on infinite random triangulation of the half plane

06/11/2017. Speaker: Alexey Bufetov
Title: Stochastic vertex models and symmetric functions

13/11/2017. Speaker: Christophe Pittet
Title: Convergence rates in von Neumann ergodic theorems for free groups

20/11/2017. Speaker: Hao Wu
Title: Hypergeometric SLE and Convergence of Critical Planar Ising Interfaces

27/11/2017. Speaker: Ananth Sridhar
Title: Limit Shapes in the Stochastic Six Vertex Model

04/12/2017. Speaker: Johannes Alt
Title: Local inhomogeneous circular law

11/12/2017. Speaker: Sanjay Ramassamy
Title: Miquel dynamics on circle patterns

18/12/2017. Speaker: Daniel Ueltschi
Title: Random interchange model on the complete graph and the Poisson-Dirichlet distribution

2017, Spring:

26/06/2017. Speaker: Vaughan Jones
Title: On scale invariance states of quantum spin chains

12/06/2017. Speaker: Nicolas Rougerie
Title: Fractional quantum Hall effect and generalized Coulomb gases

29/05/2017. Speaker: Noemi Kurt
Title: Mathematical population genetics and the seed bank coalescent

22/05/2017. Speaker: Andrea Agazzi
Title: Large Deviations Theory for Chemical Reaction Networks

15/05/2017. Speaker: Victor Kleptsyn
Title: Furstenberg theorem with a parameter and Anderson localization in dimension one

08/05/2017. Speaker: Kalle Kytölä
Title: Conformal field theory on lattice: from discrete complex analysis to Virasoro algebra

24/04/2017. Speaker: Fredrik Viklund
Title: Loop-erased walks and natural parametrization

10/04/2017. Speaker: Kevin Schnelli
Title: Addition of random matrices

06/04/2017. Speaker: Marianna Russkikh
Title: Playing dominos in different domains

03/04/2017. Speaker: Francis Comets
Title: Cover time for the random walk and Brownian motion on the two-dimensional torus and random interlacement

27/03/2017. Speaker: Margherita Disertori
Title: Some results on history dependent stochastic processes

13/03/2017. Speaker: Giambattista Giacomin
Title: Disorder and depinning transitions: the lattice free field case

06/03/2017. Speaker: Vincent Vargas
Title: An Introduction to Liouville Conformal Field Theory

27/02/2017. Speaker: Ellen Powell
Title: Critical branching diffusions in bounded domains

23/02/2017. Speaker: Yuri Kifer
Title: Some Extensions Of The Erdos-Renyi Law Of Large Numbers

20/02/2017. Speaker: Vadim Gorin
Title: Universal local limits for lozenge tilings and noncolliding random walks

2016, Autumn:

19/12/2016. Speaker: Felix Gunther
Title: Discrete complex analysis and discrete Riemann surfaces

12/12/2016. Speaker: Igor Krasovsky
Title: Splitting of a gap in the bulk of the spectrum of random matrices

05/12/2016. Speaker: Juhan Aru (ETHZ)
Title: Bounded-type local sets for the 2D Gaussian free field

28/11/2016. Speaker: Adrien Kassel
Title: A geometrical take on isomorphism theorems for random walks

21/11/2016. Speaker: Ismael Bailleul
Title: Singular PDEs

14/11/2016. Speaker: Matteo Marcozzi
Title: Non-Gaussian Wick polynomials and cumulants in kinetic theory

07/11/2016. Speaker: Antti Knowles
Title: Local laws as a gateway to the eigenvalue and eigenvector statistics of random matrices

31/10/2016. Speaker: Jakob Bjornberg
Title: Probabilistic methods for quantum spin systems

24/10/2016. Speaker: Vincent Beffara
Title: Percolation of random nodal lines

17/10/2016. Speaker: Wei Qian. (ETHZ)
Title: Decomposition of Brownian loop-soup clusters

10/10/2016. Speaker: Fabio Toninelli
Title: A class of (2+1)-dimensional growth process with explicit stationary measure

03/10/2016. Speaker: Jean-Christophe Mourrat
Title: Heat kernel upper bounds for interacting particle systems

26/09/2016. Speaker: Titus Lupu
Title: What the cable graph techniques can tell about the continuum Gaussian Free Field in dimension 2

19/09/2016. Speaker: Eveliina Peltola
Title: On correlation functions, scaling limits, and Schramm-Loewner evolutions

2016, Spring:

30/05/2016. Speaker: Christian Hagendorf
Title: Alternating sign matrices, vertex models and spin chains

23/05/2016. Speaker: Pierre Tarres
Title: The Vertex Reinforced Jump Process and a Random Schrödinger operator on finite graphs

09/05/2016. Speaker: Chandra Ajay
Title: An analytic BPHZ theorem for Regularity Structures

02/05/2016. Speaker: Erwin Bolthausen
Title: Exit distributions for isotropic and anisotropic random walk in random environments

25/04/2016. Speaker: Béatrice de Tilière
Title: Aspects of the Z-invariant Ising model

18/04/2016. Speaker: Sebastien Martineau
Title: Directed Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

11/04/2016. Speaker: Hao Wu
Title: Arm exponents of SLE

21/03/2016. Speaker: Gourab Ray
Title: Universality for fluctuation in the dimer model

14/03/2016. Speaker: Tobias Müller
Title: The critical probability for confetti percolation equals 1/2

07/03/2016. Speaker: Alessandra Caraceni
Title: A stroll around Random Infinite Quadrangulations of the Plane

29/02/2016. Speaker: Camille Male
Title: A free probability theory for permutation invariant random graphs and matrices

2015, Autumn:

30/11/2015. Speaker: Nicolas Orantin
Title: Solving loop models on random lattices

23/11/2015. Speaker: Benjamin Schlein
Title: Hartree-Fock dynamics for weakly interacting fermions

09/11/2015. Speaker: Nikolaos Zygouras
Title: Scaling limits of disordered systems: disorder relevance and universality

02/11/2015. Speaker: Piotr Milos
Title: Delocalization of two-dimensional random surfaces with hard-core constraints

26/10/2015. Speaker: Noé Cuneo
Title: Non-equilibrium steady states for chains of rotors

19/10/2015. Speaker: Daniel Ahlberg
Title: Scaling limits for the threshold window: When does a monotone Boolean function flip its outcome?

12/10/2015. Speaker: Vadim Kaloshin
Title: Stochastic Arnold diffusion of deterministic systems

28/09/2015. Speakers: Dmitry Chelkak and David Cimasoni
Title: On the combinatorics of the 2D Ising model

21/09/2015. Speaker: Viviane Baladi
Title: Mélange exponentiel des flots billards de Sinai

15/09/2015. Speaker: Dmitry Ioffe
Title: Effective model of facets formation and ordered walks under area tilts

11/09/2015. Speaker: Michael Aizenman
Title: Ising model from the Random Current prospective

24/08/2015. Speaker: Alexander Fribergh
Title: The ant in "a" labyrinth

2015, Spring:

06/07/2015. Speaker: Augusto Teixeira
Title: Percolation and local isoperimetric inequalities

15/04/2015. Speaker: Gabor Pete
Title: Noise sensitivity questions in percolation-like processes

16/03/2015. Speaker: Neal Madras
Title: Random Pattern-Avoiding Permutations

02/03/2015. Speaker: Bruno Benedetti
Title: Discrete Morse theory and the number of triangulated manifolds

23/02/2015. Speaker: Mikhail Shkolnikov
Title: Tropical curves from sandpiles

2014, Autumn:

15/12/2014. Speaker: Pierre-Louis Giscard
Title: Compactness and large deviations

08/12/2014. Speaker: Nicolas Rougerie
Classical Coulomb gases: mean-field approximation and beyond

24/11/2014. Speaker: Fabio Toninelli
Title: Entropic repulsion, metastability and large deviations for SOS interfaces

17/11/2014. Speaker: Antti Knowles
Title: Anisotropic local laws for random matrices

12/11/2014. Speaker: Patrik Ferrari
Title: Free energy fluctuations for directed polymers in 1+1 dimension

03/11/2014. Speaker: Alessandro Giuliani
Title: Height fluctuations in interacting dimers

27/10/2014. Speaker: Benoit Laslier
Title: Dynamique stochastique d'interface discrète et modèles de dimères

20/10/2014. Speaker: Esa Järvenpää
Title: Dimensions of random covering sets in Riemann manifolds

22/09/2014. Speaker: Yinon Spinka
Title: Phase structure of the loop O(n) model for large n

15/09/2014. Speaker: Pierre-Louis Giscard
Title: Of Walks and Graphs

2014, Spring:

10/06/2014. Speaker: Ariel Yadin
Title: A Converse of Kleiner's Theorem for Linear Groups

02/06/2014. Speaker: Felix Guenther
Title: Discrete complex analysis - the medial graph approach

26/05/2014. Speaker: Slava Rychkov
Title: Conformal symmetry of critical fluctuations in three dimensions

23/05/2014. Speaker: Robin Pemantle
Title: Hexahedron recurrence, determinants and double dimer configurations

15/05/2014. Speaker: Ivan Corwin
Title: Integrable probability: beyond the Gaussian universality class

12/05/2014. Speaker: Ivan Corwin
Title: Spectral theory of ASEP, XXZ and the q-Hahn Boson process

03/03/2014. Speaker: Mikhail Katsnelson
Title: TITLE

28/02/2014. Speaker: Matan Harel
Title: The Localization Phase Transition in Random Geometric Graphs with Too Many Edges

2013, Autumn:

16/12/2013. Speaker: Alexandre Boritchev (Unige)
Title: The randomly forced 1D Burgers equation: stationary measure and turbulence.

25/11/2013. Speaker: Igor Krichever
Title: Real normalized differentials and their applications

18/11/2013. Speaker: Mahel Afif Younan (Unige)
Title: topological glasses 04.11.2013: Séminaire Lyon-Genève (voir page web)

11/11/2013. Speaker: Yves Le Jan (Paris 11)
Title: Amas de boucles markoviennes

28/10/2013. Speaker: Noam Berger (Technische Universität München)
Title: Local limit theorem for ballistic random walk in random environments.

28/10/2013. Speaker: John Cardy (Oxford)
Title: Lattice Stress Tensor and Conformal Ward Identities

21/10/2013. Speaker: Jean Bertoin (university of Zurich)
Title: The cut-tree of large recursive trees.

14/10/2013. Speaker: Nicolas Curien (Paris 6)
Title: On the conformal structure of random triangulations

7/10/2013. Speaker: Yacine Ikhlef (LPTHE, Université Pierre et Marie Curie/CNRS)
Title: Discrete parafermions and quantum-group symmetries

30/9/2013. Speaker: Nick Beaton
Title: Solvable models of self-avoiding walks

23/9/2013. Speaker: Vincent Vargas (CEREMADE)
Title: Complex Gaussian multiplicative chaos

19/9/2013. Speaker: Nikolai Makarov
Title: Dynamics of the Schwarz reflection

16/9/2013. Speaker: Rémi Rhodes (CEREMADE)
Title: Gaussian multiplicative chaos at criticality

9/9/2013. Speaker: Martin Hairer (Warwick)
Title: Dynamics near criticality

29/8/2013. Speaker: Scott Sheffield (MIT)
Title: QLE

2013, Spring:

16/5/2013. Speaker: Alexandre Pouget (UNIGE)
Title: Neural computation as probabilistic inference

13/5/2013. Speaker: Laure Dumaz (ENS ulm)
Title: Some properties of the "true self repelling motion"

7/5/2013. Speaker: Omer Angel (UBC)
Title: 1 dimensional DLA

25/3/2013. Speaker: Juan Rivera-Letelier (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Title: Low-temperature phase transitions in the quadratic family

18/3/2013. Speaker: Sacha Glazman (Université de Genève)
Title: Connective constant for a weighted self-avoiding walk on~Z

11/3/2013. Speaker: Gaetan Borot (Université de Genève)
Title: All order asymptotics of beta ensembles in the multi-cut regime

28/2/2013. Speaker: Yuri Kifer (Hebrew University)
Title: Poisson and compound Poisson approximations in conventional and nonconventional setups

20/2/2013. Speaker: Piotr Milos (Warsaw)
Title: Delocalisation of the two-dimensional Lipschitz model

2012, Autumn:

17/12/2012. Speaker: Thierry Levy (Paris upcm)
Title: The master field on the plane

10/12/2012. Speaker: Anthony Mays (Melbourne)
Title: A geometrical triumvirate of (non-Hermitian) random matrices

29/11/2012. Speaker: Jason Miller (MIT)
Title: Reversibility of SLE for kappa in (4,8)

26/11/2012. Speaker: Laurent Tournier (Université Paris XIII)
Title: Directional transience of oriented-edge reinforced random walks on Z^d

22/11/2012. Speaker: Hao Wu (Orsay)
Title: Conformally Invariant Growing Mechanism in CLE_4 and Couplings between GFF and CLE_4

19/11/2012. Speaker: Alex Fribergh (Toulouse)
Title: On the monotonicity of the speed of biaised random walk on a Galton-Watson tree without leaves

13/11/2012. Speaker: Nathanael Berestycki (Cambridge)
Title: A new approach to the Brownian web

5/11/2012. Speaker: Yair Hartman (Weizmann Institute)
Title: Random walks on groups and recurrent subgroups

29/10/2012. Speaker: Pierre-François Rodriguez (ETH)
Title: On the level-set percolation for the Gaussian free field

15/10/2012. Speaker: Béatrice de Tillière (UPMC)
Title: Loops in the XOR Ising model

8/10/2012. Speaker: Christophe Sabot (Université Lyon 1)
Title: Edge reinforced random walks, Vertex reinforced jump process, and the SuSy hyperbolic sigma model.

1/10/2012. Speaker: Amandine Veber (École Polytechnique)
Title: Evolution of the interface between types in a spatially extended population

24/9/2012. Speaker: Igor Kortchemski (Orsay)
Title: Random trees conditioned to be large

17/9/2012. Speaker: Gordon Slade (UBC)
Title: Growth constants for lattice trees and lattice animals in high dimensions

2012, Spring:

30/5/2012. Speaker: Jeremie Bettinelli (Orsay)
Title: Scaling limit of arbitrary genus random maps

22/5/2012. Speaker: Alain-Sol Sznitman (ETH)
Title: On Gaussian free fields and random interlacements

14/5/2012. Speaker: Rémi Peyre (Nancy)
Title: McKean–Vlasov Metastability

7/5/2012. Speaker: Pietro Caputo (Roma Tre)
Title: On the spectrum of random Markov matrices

2/5/2012. Speaker: Serge Richard (Université de Lyon)
Title: Théorèmes d'indice en théorie de la diffusion

26/4/2012. Speaker: Remco van Der Hofstad (Eindhoven University of technology)
Title: The survival probability and r-point functions in high dimensions

25/4/2012. Speaker: Ron Peled (Tel Aviv University)
Title: Probabilistic existence of rigid combinatorial structures

23/4/2012. Speaker: Nicolas Curien (ENS Ulm)
Title: relation between the intersection property and reccurence

16/4/2012. Speaker: Emanuel Millman (Technion)
Title: Transference Principles for Log-Sobolev and Spectral-Gap Inequalities with Applications to Conservative Spin Systems

2/4/2012. Speaker: Pierre Nolin (ETH)
Title: A modified frozen percolation process on the binary tree and on the square lattice

19/3/2012. Speaker: Raphael Cerf (Orsay)
Title: Nucleation and growth for the Ising model in d dimensions at very low temperatures

12/3/2012. Speaker: Marc Wouts (Paris XIII)
Title: Glauber dynamics for the quantum Ising model on a tree

7/3/2012. Speaker: Cyrille Lucas (Paris X)
Title: Internal Diffusion Limited Aggregation, from the centered to the drifted case

21/2/2012. Speaker: Ross Pinsky (Technion)
Title: Probabilistic and Combinatorial Aspects of the Card-Cyclic to Random Insertion Shuffle

20/2/2012. Speaker: Martin Hairer (Warwick)
Title: Solving the KPZ equation

2011, Autumn:

6/12/2011. Speaker: Vladislav Vysotsky
Title: Persistence of integrated random walks

9/12/2011. Speaker: Laszlo Erdos (Munich)
Title: The local version of Wigner's semicircle law and Dyson's Brownian motion

12/12/2011. Speaker: Gady Kozma (Weizman institute)
Title: Harmonic maps on Cayley graphs

13/12/2011. Speaker: Vladas Sidoravicius (IMPA)
Title: Stability of the waiter

19/12/2011. Speaker: Konstantin Izyourov (Université de Genève)
Title: soutenance de thèse

20/12/2011. Speaker: Ilya Gruzberg (University of Chicago)
Title: Quantum Hall transitions and conformal restriction

5/12/2011. Speaker: Ioan Manulescu (Cambridge)
Title: Bond Percolation on Isoradial Graphs

28/11/2011. Speaker: Thierry Bodineau (ENS Paris)
Title: Transition de phases pour des dynamiques avec contraintes

22/11/2011. Speaker: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou (university Bordeaux 1)
Title: The Potts model on planar maps

16/11/2011. Speaker: Nicolas Monod (EPFL)
Title: Littlewood and large forests

14/11/2011. Speaker: Damien Simon (UPCM)
Title: Some recent algebraic and probabilistic results on the asymmetric exclusion process with reservoirs

11/11/2011. Speaker: Wendelin Werner (Orsay)
Title: Describing surface fluctuations

3/11/2011. Speaker: Michael Monastyrsky (ITEP and EPFL)
Title: Kramers-Wannier Duality, Old and New Results

31/10/2011. Speaker: Paul Fendley (University of Virginia)
Title: Discrete Holomorphicity from Topology

24/10/2011. Speaker: Adrien Joseph (ENS Cachan)
Title: The component sizes of a critical random graph

17/10/2011. Speaker: Fabio Martinelli (University Roma tre)
Title: Sharp mixing time bounds for sampling random surfaces

13/10/2011. Speaker: Gregory Falkovich (Weizman)
Title: Broken and emerging symmetries of the turbulent state

10/10/2011. Speaker: Jérémie Bouttier (Institut de Physique Théorique)
Title: Des boucles sur les cartes aléatoires

7/9/2011. Speaker: Itai Benjamini (Weizman institute)
Title: Some comments on properties of Cayley graphs

3/10/2011. Speaker: Jean-François Le Gall (University Paris Sud)
Title: Universality of the Brownian map

26/9/2011. Speaker: Artem Sapozhnikov (ETH)
Title: Connectivity properties of random interlacements

19/9/2011. Speaker: Fabio Toninelli (ENS Lyon)
Title: Zero-temperature Glauber dynamics for the 3D Ising model

12/9/2011. Speaker: Ariel Yadin (Ben Gurion University)
Title: Harmonic growth on groups and stationary random graphs

6/9/2011. Speaker: Christophe Garban (ENS Lyon)
Title: Magnetization field at criticality in the Ising model


4/4/2011. Speaker: Bertrand Eynard (DSM-CEA/Saclay)
Title: Exact results for statistical models on random lattices

11/2/2011. Speaker: Nicolas Curien (Ecole normal supérieure)
Title: A view from infinity of the uniform infinite planar quadrangulation

22/11/2010. Speaker: Kostantin Izyurov (Université de Genève)
Title: Holomorphic spinor observables in the Ising model

17/11/2010. Speaker: Vladas Sidoravicius (IMPA)
Title: Abundance of maximal paths

15/11/2010. Speaker: Sacha Friedli (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
Title: Singularités essentielles des potentiels thermodynamiques

8/11/2010. Speaker: Hubert Lacoin (Universita di Roma tre)
Title: Polymères dirigés en milieu aléatoire: diffusivité ou localisation

25/10/2010. Speaker: David Cimasoni (Université de Genève)
Title: La formule de Kac-Ward généralisée

19/10/2010. Speaker: Jan De Gier (University of Melbourne)
Title: Exact finite size percolation operator between boundaries of a lattice strip

4/10/2010. Speaker: Hugo Duminil-Copin (UNIGE)
Title: Self-avoiding walks on the hexagonal lattice


1/6/2010. Speaker: Paul Wiegmann (Chicago University)
Title: Area-Length distribution of conformal loops: SLE and Quantum Gravity

2/6/2010. Speaker: Eldad Bettelheim (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Title: Tau functions and differential equations for the real time evolution of free fermions

2/6/2010. Speaker: Christian Hagendorf (University of Virginia)
Title: The Gaussian free field and SLE(4) on doubly connected domains

10/6/2010. Speaker: Vladimir Mangazeev (ANU, Canberra)
Title: Quantum geometry of 3D lattices

14/6/2010. Speaker: Ilya Gruzberg
Title: Stochastic Loewner chains for DLA-like growth (an informal talk)

19/5/2010. Speaker: Jason Miller (Stanford)
Title: Universality for SLE(4)

17/5/2010. Speaker: Nikolai Makarov (Caltech)
Title: Radial explorer and its two conformally invariant theories

14/5/2010. Speaker: Hugo Duminil-Copin (UNIGE)
Title: Groupe de travail sur RSW

10/5/2010. Speaker: Rinat Kashaev (UNIGE)
Title: Informal seminar about the colored Jones polynomial

8/5/2010. Speaker: Yacine Ikhlef (UNIGE)
Title: Groupe de travail sur le modèle O(n)

19/4/2010. Speaker: Nicholas Varopoulos (Unige)
Title: Green's function on quasidisks

12/4/2010. Speaker: Ilia Binder (Toronto)
Title: Efficient computation of harmonic measure and boundary geometry

24/3/2010. Speaker: Benjamin Doyon (King's College London)
Title: Calculus on infinite-dimensional manifolds, conformal field theory, and its probabilistic descriptions

22/3/2010. Speaker: Nicolas Curien (ENS)
Title: Recursive triangulations and fragmentation theory

15/3/2010. Speaker: Pierre Nolin (Courant Institute)
Title: Monochromatic arm exponents for 2D percolation

3/3/2010. Speaker: Gregory Miermont (Université Paris-Sud)
Title: Scaling limits of random planar maps with large faces

4/2/2010. Speaker: Nicholas Varopoulos
Title: Random walks in complex domains

14/12/2009. Speaker: Rémi Peyre (ENS Lyon)
Title: Variables aléatoires partiellement indépendantes : une approche hilbertienne

11/12/2009. Speaker: Anton Alekseev (UNIGE)
Title: Séminaire informel sur WZW, KZ et SLE

7/12/2009. Speaker: Bernard Nienhuis
Title: Critical percolation and qKZ equations

18/11/2009. Speaker: Kari Astala (Helsinki)
Title: Informal seminar on random weldings and quasiconformal maps

16/11/2009. Speaker: Antti Kupiainen (Helsinki)
Title: Random Weldings

12/11/2009. Speaker: Phillipe Di Francesco (CEA Saclay)
Title: Integrable Combinatorics

4/12/2009. Speaker: Dmitry Beliaev (UNIGE)
Title: On a theorem of Tsirelson

27/11/2009. Speaker: Dmitry Beliaev (UNIGE)
Title: On a theorem of Tsirelson

30/11/2009. Speaker: Alain-Sol Sznitman (ETHZ)
Title: Disconnection of discrete cylinders and random interlacements

11/11/2009. Speaker: Thierry Lévy (UNIGE)
Title: Mesure et action de Yang-Mills en deux dimensions (séminaire Groupes de Lie et espaces de modules)

28/9/2009. Speaker: Christophe Garban (ENS Lyon)
Title: Near-critical and dynamical percolation scaling limits

21/9/2009. Speaker: Vincent Beffara (ENS Lyon)
Title: Slow progress on the slow bond problem


5/6/2009. Speaker: Nikolai Makarov (Caltech)
Title: Random normal matrices

18/5/2009. Speaker: Antti Kemppainen (Helsinki)
Title: Describing scaling limits of random planar curves by SLEs

28/4/2009. Speaker: Jürgen Angst (Strasbourg)
Title: Mouvement brownien dans le cadre de la théorie de la relativité

6/4/2009. Speaker: Nicolas Orantin (CERN)
Title: Énumération de cartes et matrices aléatoires

30/3/2009. Speaker: Adam Timar (Bonn)
Title: Equivariant colorings of random planar graphs

24/3/2009. Speaker: Christian Mercat (Montpellier)
Title: Surfaces de Riemann discrètes et modèle d'Ising

9/3/2009. Speaker: Nicolas Monod (EPFL)
Title: Littlewood and Large Forests

6/3/2009. Speaker: Bernard Sapoval (École polytechnique et ENS Cachan)
Title: Physical problems related to gradient and extreme gradient percolation

15/12/2008. Speaker: Béatrice de Tilière (UNINE)

24/11/2008. Speaker: Sacha Friedli (Belo Horizonte)
Title: Chaînes à longue portée et le mécanisme de Bramson-Kalikow

17/11/2008. Speaker: Istvan Prause
Title: Harmonic measure and quasiconformal mappings

10/11/2008. Speaker: Yacine Ikhlef
Title: Observables holomorphes sur réseau et modèles de boucles intégrables

3/11/2008. Speaker: David Ridout (DESY theory group, Hamburg)
Title: Critical Percolation as a CFT (with a view to SLE)

30/10/2008. Speaker: Viviane Baladi (ENS Paris)
Title: Espaces de Banach adaptés aux dynamiques hyperboliques avec singularités et aux billards

20/10/2008. Speaker: Cédric Boutillier (Université Paris VI et UniNE)
Title: Scaling limits for random skew plane partitions with a piecewise periodic back wall

16/10/2008. Speaker: David Cimasoni (ETHZ)
Title: The dimer model, discrete spin structures and discrete d-bar operators

6/10/2008. Speaker: Olivier Bernardi (Université Paris-Sud)
Title: Comptage des cartes coloriées

29/9/2008. Speaker: Bertrand Eynard (SPhT, CEA - Saclay)
Title: Plancherel measure on partitions, matrix models and Gromov-Witten theory

22/9/2008. Speaker: Gregory Miermont (Université Paris-Sud et ENS Paris)
Title: Propriétés géométriques des grandes cartes aléatoires

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