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The broad absorption spectrum of most arylethynyl-based chromophores results from torsional disorder in the electronic ground state, whereas their structured emission spectrum arises from a more rigid excited state. Here, we are investigating the planarisation dynamics of 9,10- bis(phenylethynyl) anthracene (BPA) in the excited state using femtosecond broadband fluorescence up-conversion spectroscopy with sub-100 fs resolution.   

The left figure shows the temporal evolution of the fluorescence as obtained from a global analysis of the data obtained in decalin upon 400 nm excitation. The right figure depicts the time dependence of intensity ratio at the positions marked by thin lines on the left picture in solvent of increasing viscosity. These spectral changes are dominated by the planarization dynamics, which slow down upon decreasing viscosity.

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Eric Vauthey

Physical Chemistry Department - Sciences II - University of Geneva
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