highlight 5 2022

We are investigating potential occurrence of symmetry-breaking in a triphenylmethane dye A using polarised transient absorption spectroscopy. We compare dye A with the same three substituents with dye B with only two identical substituents. Both dyes exhibit similar excited-state dynamics with a fast non-radiative decay involving large-amplitude motion. However, the initial anisotropy in the ground-state bleach region is very different. The value of about 0.1 for dye A points to a degenerate excited state and a planar transition dipole like Zn-tetraphenyl porphyrin (ZnTPP). This result reveals that the symmetry of dye A is preserved in the ground state. Otherwise, the anisotropy would be larger, similar to that of dye B.

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Eric Vauthey

Physical Chemistry Department - Sciences II - University of Geneva
30, Quai Ernest Ansermet - CH-1211 Geneva 4 (Switzerland)

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