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Donor Acceptor Complexes (DACs) are useful playgrounds for the exploration of charge recombination (CR) without the interference of the dynamics of the charge separation (CS) process. To that end, we have investigated the CR dynamics of 4 DACs using visible transient absorption in two solvents. By using PMDA and benzene derivatives with differing numbers of methyl groups, we may tune the driving force of the charge recombination whilst keeping the size and optical properties of the monitored band (relatively) similar. Thus, we may explore the effects of driving force, excess energy and solvent viscosity upon the reaction and relaxation (vibrational/structural/solvent) dynamics. The above figures show the stationary absorption spectra of the DACs, transient absorption spectra recorded in PC with 5-methylbenzene, the time evolution of the PMDA anion band area and peak position

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Eric Vauthey

Physical Chemistry Department - Sciences II - University of Geneva
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