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Contributions of group members to our weekly seminar

Seminars on spectroscopic techniques, 2015
Transient Absorption Data Analysis
Romain Letrun
Fluorescence Upconversion Spectroscopy
Arnulf Rosspeintner
Infrared transient absorption setup
Bogdan Dereka
UV-vis transient absorption setups. II
Bernhard Lang
UV-vis transient absorption setups. I
Oleksandr Yushchenko
Two-Photon Excitation Spectroscopy
Arnulf Rosspeintner
Surface Second Harmonic Generation. II
Giuseppe Licari
Surface Second Harmonic Generation. I
Cho-Shuen Hsieh
Fluorescence Up-conversion. II
Romain Letrun
Fluorescence Up-conversion. I
Christoph Nançoz
Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting
Bogdan Dereka
Absorption and Fluorescence Spectra
Arnulf Rosspeintner

Generation and Characterization of Ultrashort Visible and Ultraviolet Pulses
Powerpoint presentation
Romain Letrun, 2014

Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy
Powerpoint presentation
Marius Koch, 2014

Our TC-SPC Revisited
Ulf Rosspeintner, 2014

An Orbital Rule for Electron Transport in Molecules
Vesna Markovic, 2013

Viscoelastic Continuum Model of Nonpolar Solvation
Bernhard Lang, 2012
Measuring Intramolecular Charge Transfer via Coherent Generation of THz Radiation
Vesna Markovic, 2012
Electron Transfer: Which of the Many Equations Should I use?
Arnulf Rosspeintner, 2012

Solvation Dynamics
Vesna Markovic and Romain Letrun, 2011
Femtosecond time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopy of radical ions in liquid solution
Jakob Grilj, 2011
Global and target analysis
Romain Letrun, 2011
Matrix reconstruction algorithm
Piotr Fita, global analysis tips
Spectra of Porphyrins
the article related to the porhyrins review
Porphyrins review
Irina Petkova, 2011
TA data analysis
Jakob Grilj, 2011
White Light Generation
Peter Sherin, 2011
Solvent-Controlled Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Ionic Liquids
Arnulf Rosspeintner, 2011
Some technical aspects on how to measure a transient absorption spectrum
Bernhard Lang, 2011

Analytical Expression for Analysis of Fluorescence Up-Conversion Data
Bernhard Lang, 2010

IGOR Pro extended
Jakob Grilj, 2009
Ultrafast Investigations of Pyridinium Phenolates Derivatives
Guillaume Duvanel, 2009
Photoinduced electron transfer reactions: effect of driving force
Eric Vauthey, 2009
TPM dyes as a local viscosity probe for liquid-liquid interfaces
Piotr Fita, 2009
Online Databases: Potential and Pitfalls (pdf)
Jakob Grilj, 2009
Membranes and Membrane Proteins
Vesna Markovic, 2009

Good Programming Practice
Jakob Grilj, 2008
Excitation Spectra Correction
Guillaume Duvanel, 2008
OPE Studies
Guillaume Duvanel, 2008
Laser Security (pdf)
Bernhard Lang, 2008
Phenothiazine-Bridge-Rhenium (pdf)
Jakob Grilj, April 2008
The Effect of Angular Distributions on Anisotropy Measurements (pdf)
Bernhard Lang, February 2008
Time-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation and Transient Absorption Studies on Triphenylmethane Dyes: Air/Water Interface and Bulk Analysis
Angela Punzi, January 2008
Triphenylmethane Dyes at the Air/Water Interface
Gaëlle Gassin-Martin, January 2008

Ultrafast Dynamics of GFP Chromophore Analogs
Guillaume Duvanel, November 2007
Modelling Solvent Fluctuations in Optical Spectroscopy
Bernhard Lang, November 2007
Ultrafast Excited-State Dynamics of Perylene Derivatives in the Condensed Phase
Omar Mohammed, September 2007
Excited-State Dynamics of a Nucleic Acid Bisintercalating Heterodimer
Alexandre Fürstenberg, July 2007
Solvatochromism of Wurster's Blue
Jakob Grilj, June 2007
Excited-State Photophysics of Naphtalenediimide Derivatives
Natalie Banerji, May 2007
Excitons and excitonic interaction
Eric Vauthey, March 2007
Photophysics of Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains: Influence of the Nature of the Double Helix
Alexandre Fürstenberg, February 2007
Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives: Kinetics
Jakob Grilj , February 2007

Early Fluorescence Dynamics of a Probe at Variable Distance from the Avidin Surface
Alexandre Fürstenberg, November 2006
Porphyrin Arrays: Study of the Bridge Part
Guillaume Duvanel, November 2006
Time-Resolved Non-Linear Raman Spectroscopy
Eric Vauthey, November 2006
Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives
Jakob Grilj, November 2006
Some Experimental Problems in the First SHG Pump-Probe Measurements at an Air/Liquid Interface
Angela Punzi, October 2006
Photophysics of Naphthalenediimide Derivatives Used in Artificial Photosynthesis
Alexandre Fürstenberg, September 2006
Fluorescence Polarization Anisotropy
Eric Vauthey, July 2006
Ultrafast Studies of Porphyrin Arrays
Guillaume Duvanel, June 2006
Photophysics of Fluorescent Probes in the Local Environment of (Strept)avidin
Alexandre Fürstenberg, April 2006

Excited-State Dynamics of Porphyrin Arrays

Eric Vauthey, March 2006

Photophysics of BODIPY-nitrotriptycenyl dyes

Guillaume Duvanel, March 2006

Photophysics of a Light-Driven Transmembrane Electron Pump

Alexandre Fürstenberg, February 2006

Three Pulse Photon Echo Peak Shift Measurements

Natalie Banerji, January 2006

Photophysics of BODIPY-nitrotriptycenyl dyes

Eric Vauthey, January 2006

Etude spectroscopique du 4-amino-1,8-naphthalimide
Guillaume Duvanel, master exam, December 2005
Photochemistry of coordination compounds
Ivan Podznyakov, November 2005
Fluorescence up-conversion at 266 nm
Anatolio Pigliucci, November 2005
Ultrafast Dynamics of Fluorescent DNA Intercalators
Alexandre Fürstenberg, October 2005
Optical recording of action potentials with SHG microscopy
Stéphane Pagès, May 2005
Optical second harmonic generation as a probe of surface chemistry
Angela Punzi, April 2005
Anisotropy in the photochemistry of donor-accpetor complexes
Natalie Banerji, April 2005
Analysis of fluorescence up-conversion data
Bernhard Lang, March 2005
Dynamique de recombinaison de charges ultrarapide dans des paires d'ions
Olivier Nicolet, thesis exam, February 2005
The role of the spin in photoinduced charge transfer reactions
Gonzalo Angulo, February 2005
Ultrafast calorimetry with the transient grating technique
Eric Vauthey, February 2005
Recalling the appropriate representation of electronic spectra
Gonzalo Angulo, January 2005 Powerpoint file

Investigation of ultrafast processes in fluorescent probes in the local environment of proteins and DNA
Alexandre Fürstenberg, December 2004
How is light absorbed?
Eric Vauthey, November 2004
Simulation of a pump-probe experiment using the density matrix formalism
Alexandre Fürstenberg, November 2004
Introduction to encounter theories of diffusion-mediated reactions
Gonzalo Angulo, October 2004 Commentaries Powerpoint file
MIR : Marcus Inverted Region or MIRage?
Eric Vauthey, September 2004
Quantum Control of Gas-Phase and Liquid-Phase Femtochemistry
Olivier Nicolet, April 2004


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