Martin J. Gander
Section de Mathématiques
Université de Genève
Rue du Conseil-Général 9, CP 64
1211 Genève 4, Suisse
martin.gander(at)   Fax: +41 22 379 11 76

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:: Consulting Interests and Training
My interest in consulting has two reasons: first I want to apply the newest ideas and techniques to real life problems to further technology transfer, and second I want to learn about applications for which new techniques can be developped. I am very interested in industrial collaboration, if you would like to use the most recent academic developments, please get in touch with me at

I have learned how to do consulting in SCCM Advice, the consulting service provided by SCCM students and faculty at Stanford to the bay area community. The training is a course with hands on experience. I consulted for the following problems: Flow in Porous Media, Hologram as Storage and Non Euclidean Geometry. After having been a consultant, I became a member of the organizing team of SCCM Advice. We wrote an article about the philosophy, organization and goals of SCCM-Advice for the IEEE Computational Science and Engineering Journal: SCCM Advice: Stanford University's Consulting Group for Applied Math and Numerical Analysis.
:: Industrial Collaboration
Meteorological Service of Canada: We are currently working to improve the quantitative precipitation forecast for extreme weather events in Canada. This project involves researchers from universities and weather Canada and includes a large scale simulation on the globe of weather events using domain decomposition and a more refined regional model which will use the results of the large scale model as input. The project leader is P. Yao.
Alcan and Pratt and Whitney: The PIGE-ISP project (Industrial Large Scale Projects - Iteration, Subdomains and Parallelism) involves Alcan and Pratt and Whitney Canada as essential partners in the research effort. This project targets industrial problems with many millions of unknowns and thus parallelism is essential. It also includes the use of a large scale Beowulf cluster for the implantation of the new algorithms. The project leaders are M. Fortin and W. Habashi.
VOLVO: We collaborated with VOLVO to develop a parallel solver for the noise simulation in the interior of the passenger cabin of the VOLVO S90. With the speed of the new algorithm it becomes possible to target the inverse problem of how to make the cars cabin more quiet. This project was initiated by F. Magoules.
:: Past Consulting Projects
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