Thank you for your contribution in Geneva last September.

The 2018 Science of Aphasia conference will take place in Venice (Italy), 18-22 September 2018. Visit the new 2018 website here.



Geneva, 11-14 September 2017

The conference will take place in the UniMail building, at the University of Geneva.

Theme: Neurotechnology and language

- 4 thematic sessions (fMRI/DTI/VLSM ; tDCS ; EEG/MEG ; TMS) : invited speakers :

Alex LEFF (UCL, London, UK)
Argye HILLIS (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, US)
Mieke VAN DE SANDT-KOENDERMAN (Rijndam Rehabilitation & Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL)
Marcus MEINZER (Univ. Queensland, Australia)
Riitta SALMELIN  (Aalto University, FI)
Karsten STEINHAUER (McGill, Canada)
John ROTHWELL (UCL, London, UK)
Adrian GUGGISBERG (Geneva University and Hospital)

- 3 oral communication sessions

- 4 poster sessions

- parallel hands-on workshops on EEG/ERP and TMS/tDCS

- social event (lake trip and dinner)


Local Committee:
Psycholinguistics and Speech and Language Pathology Group, FPSE, University of Geneva

Marina Laganaro (chair)
Pauline Pellet
Grégoire Python
Carole Bigler (secretary)

 SoA Scientific Committee

Roelien Bastiaanse (chair)
Wendy Best
Ria de Bleser (honorary member)
David Howard
Roel Jonkers
Peter Mariën
Gabriele Miceli
Lyndsey Nickels
Carlo Semenza