Clare Colombel

# Research assistant


Clare Colombel is a master's student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Geneva majoring in Affective and Clinical Psychology. As part of her master's thesis, she is studying how habitual behaviour is a factor in eating disorder persistence in collaboration with Dr. Marco Solca (Scientific Director at Eating Disorder Care Clinic, University Hospitals of Geneva) and Prof. Julie Péron (CENLab, University of Geneva). She plans to use a new experimental task to observe how a change in habit dependency can modulate food choices amongst anorexia nervosa patients in comparison to healthy controls. She is also a Research Assistant in the CENLab, currently working on the development of a new measure of habitual behaviour as part of the CEREBEMO project.


Email. clare.colombel(at)



  • Colombel C., Péron, J.A. & Solca, M. La persistance de l’Anorexie Mentale -‚Äč Quel est le rôle de l’habitude? [The persistence of Anorexia Nervosa - What is the role of habit?]. Clinical orientation master colloquia, Faculty of psychology and sciences of education, Geneva, Switzerland.