Dr Cyrielle Chappuis
University of Geneva

Department of Psychology
UniMail, Office 5134
Boulevard du Pont d'Arve
1211 Genève 4

Tel: 0223799218


Cyrielle Chappuis is a graduate student in affective and cognitive sciences at the University of Geneva. Her master thesis is supervised by Didier Grandjean and Valerie Milesi and aims to investigate the influence of multimodal perception and emotional prosody on memory. It is part of a project on prosody and emotional-induced memory enhancement and interference involving several experiments. 
Cyrielle also works as a research and teaching auxiliary for the practical course of affective neurosciences given by Prof. Didier Grandjean. Furthermore, she has been a teaching auxiliary for the practical course of behavioral micro-analysis given by Prof. Kaiser and Mr. With ever since her first year as a Master student.