Dr. Leonardo Ceravolo
Senior researcher and lecturer

Post-doctoral research fellow

Neuroscience of Emotion and Affective Dynamics Lab

Swiss Center for Affective Sciences

Biotech Campus

9, Chemin des Mines CH-1202 Geneva

Tel: +41 (0) 22 379 09 20

Email. Leonardo.Ceravolo@unige.ch

As a neuroscientist, my main interest lies in the better understanding of brain mechanisms, networks and the dynamics underlying vocal perception in humans. Aspects related both to simple/spatialized voice perception and attentional orienting through emotional voice primes/simple neutral stimuli are my main study focus. In order to highlight such spatial, perceptual and attentional processes I mainly use functional magnetic resonance imaging as well as intracranial recordings in a more sparse fashion. The techniques I use to analyse neuroimaging data include simple whole-brain general linear models (mass univariate statistics) as well as advanced functional connectivity (parametric/non-parametric) and multivariate methods in order to shed light on wide-spread brain areas working in concert in relation to vocal and emotional perceptual mechanisms.

My other topics of interest also include the neural bases of sleep and memory, subjective value computation, expertise related to music and depression and emotional regulation in the elders.