Dr. Damien Benis
University of Geneva

After a Master in Biology at University Joseph Fourrier in Grenoble, I was awarded a pHd in Neuroscience in 2014, at the team Cerebral Function and Neuromodulation of the Institut des Neurosciences de Grenoble, under supervision of Julien Bastin and Olivier David. My pHd project was focused on the role of the subthalamic nucleus (STN), a central structure of the basal ganglia, in executive functions, ie processes allowing behavioral flexibility. The methodological approach implemented during this project was based on microrecordings and Local Field Potential recordings performed on Parkinson Disease patients, during the surgery of implantation of deep brain stimulation electrodes, while they performed cognitive tasks designed to dissociate the cognitive processes of interest.

My current project currently in progress at the Neuroscience of Emotion and Affective Lab is focused on the role of basal ganglia on affective processes, and more specifically decoding and analyses of acoustic features of emotionnal prosody.