Hubs/Sub-hubs from France

The following table contains the list of hubs/sub-hubs from France. Each row corresponds to one hub/sub-hub; we report a human-friendly title of the hub/sub-hub, its website URL and the total number of organizations and groups of “alternative forms of resilience” that have been identified and extracted from the corresponding resource.

Title Website URL Total entries
Colibris 52
Mouves – Le Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux 36
Solidaire 297
Le Labo 205
France Barter 59
UNAF – Union Nationale des Associations Familiales 62
Annuaire national des AMAP 533
Acrimed [Action-CRItique-MEDias] 41
Institut de l’économie circulaire 127
Artisans du Monde 151
CNLII – Coordination nationale des lieux intermédiaires et indépendants 11
Hétérotopies 318
Banques Alimentaires
La Nef
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