Characteristic Classes and Singularities/RR50

October 4–6, 2018 

University of Geneva, Villa Battelle

October 4, Thursday 

9:30 – 10:30 11:00  12:00 14:00  15:00
15:30  16:30

Anders Buch 

László Fehér Andrzej Weber Anatoly Libgober

Rutgers University 

Eötvös University, Budapest University of Warsaw
University of Illinois, Chicago

Positivity of minuscule quantum

Additive number theory, equivariant cohomology and Wronskian Characteristic classes of
orbit stratifications, the axiomatic approach
Elliptic genus of singular varieties
and moduli spaces



October 5, Friday 

9:30 – 10:30 11:00  12:00 14:00  15:00 15:30  16:30

Michèle Vergne 

Justin Allman Gergely Bérczi  Toru Ohmoto

Université Paris-Diderot, Paris 7 

US Naval Academy, Annapolis Aarhus University Hokkaido University 

Moment map, generalized Horn inequalities and quivers

The equivariant geometry point of view for quantum dilogarithm identities
Tautological integrals on Hilbert schemes of points  Multiple-point formulas revisited



October 6, Saturday 

9:30 – 10:30 11:00  12:00
14:00  15:00  

Vassili Gorbounov

Alexander Varchenko Richárd Rimányi  
University of Aberdeen University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill

Schubert calculus, integrable 
systems and networks on surfaces

Hypergeometric and
q-hypergeometric solutions of quantum differential equations
Motivic characteristic classes, Hall algebras, and Donaldson-Thomas type identities  



Organizers: Natalia KolokolnikovaAndrás Szenes