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The University of Geneva is situated at the heart of International Geneva, and our international strategy is set out both locally, through internationalizing our course offerings and continuously nurturing our close ties to IOs and NGOs based in Geneva, and on the world stage, through development of partnerships and exchanges with other institutions and universities.

The Academic Exchange Service and the International Relations and Partnerships Service actively contribute to the implementation of UNIGE’s international strategy, particularly through international promotion of the university and increasing its visibility as a world-class center for teaching and research.

Activity reports and UNIGE's internationalization strategy

Guidelines for developing sustainable international scientific collaborations


  • ExpositionPerspectives – L’univers mathématique de M.C. Escher

    03.03.2024 14:00 – 17:00 / Bâtiment 66 bd Carl-Vogt / Salle d'exposition de l'UNIGE

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