Admission process

Online registration

Applicants are required to hold a university degree (or judged equivalent), and are expected to have at least two years of professional experience relevant to the programme.

Applicants must have a very good working knowledge of English in order to participate actively in the modules.

Applications using the MCR application form should include:

  • a letter of motivation;
  • copies of degrees and diplomas;
  • a curriculum vitae that includes career details and work experience in children's rights;
  • two reference letters from people in a position to judge the applicant's professional and/or academic abilities;
  • the proof of payment of the registration fee.

The MCR Steering Committee will examine applications. If necessary, they may seek additional information from the referees or invite the candidate for an interview.

All candidates shall be notified of the decision regarding their acceptance to the Master of Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights (MCR) two weeks after the finalization of the application. If there is disagreement with the Steering Committee's decision, the applicant may appeal to the Scientific Committee, whose decisions are final.

For those wishing to attend a single module or complete a certificate in children rights, please contact Hortense Hofer 2 months ahead of the module you wish to apply for.

+41(0)27 205 73 93 |

Do you have questions or need further clarification? Please contact Simon Nehme on to schedule an online meeting.

Fees and expenses


31 October 2022


From February 2023 to November 2024
7 weeks on 2 years
60 ECTS Credits


CHF 150


Cancellations prior to the sixth module will be charged (cancellation costs between 15% and 25% of the total tuition fee + auditor's fee per module attended).


The total tuition fee for the two-year programme is CHF 15000 (approximately 13.730,5 EUR / 15.208,7 USD).
This sum is for the MCR Programme and does not include travel or living expenses.

Single module students (certificate of attendance): CHF 2000.

Two Modules with two exams and final paper (12 ECTS Credits) Certificate of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights (CAS): CHF 5000. Online application


The following table gives an estimation of the average costs of living for a participant following the 7 modules (3 modules at distance and 4 residential modules) during the two-year period

  • Housing (7 x 4 = 28 nights x ~70.00): CHF 1’960.00
  • Meals (14 x 4 = 56 x ~20.00): CHF 1’120.00
  • Others, pocket money (4 x 300.00): CHF 1’200.00
  • Total: ~CHF 4'280.00


Currency: Swiss francs (CHF, Sfr. or Fr.)

10 CHF = approximately 9,20EUR = approximately 10,80USD

Financial support

Unfortunately, the MCR programme cannot provide fellowships, We strongly recommend to look for financial assistance to authorities, institutes or NGOs in your own country, as these offer the highest chances to obtain positive results (for example national grant authorities, local governmental or non-governmental child rights agencies, international organisations or private foundations that consider individual requests for fellowships).