Conference Program


      The fields of visual studies, cultural history, and art history have encountered considerable challenges in addressing the plurality of images. These disciplines typically favour a singular outlook on images, neglecting the sheer deluge of visual representations that characterize the modern media landscape.

Nevertheless, the constant flood of images has been part of our daily lives since the introduction of mass reproduction techniques, evolving alongside the gradual development of engraving, illustrated print, advertisement, cinema, television, video games, and now digital media. Observers of these consecutive stages of mass visual communication and consumption have consistently linked this phenomenon with the broader concept of globalization, often raising concerns about cultural homogenization, and loss of identity.

This conference aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of image globalization, representing the wide range of subjects and methodologies used in the domain.




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DAY 1 - June 17th 



DAY 2 - June 18th





DAY 1 - June 19th



DAY 3 - June 21th


DAY 2 - June 20th



Organizing committee: Prof. Béatrice Boyeux-Prunel, Marie Barras, Adrien Jeanrenaud, Alexandra Fabry-Tochilina, Adélaïde Quenson, Thomas Gauffroy-Naudin, Nicola Carboni, Bokar N’Diaye, Guillaume Aebi.