Visual Contagions. Art, Images, and the Globalization of Cultures from the Printed Era to the Internet (1890-today)


The VISUAL CONTAGIONS project, conducted by Prof. Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel at the university of Geneva (Switzerland), examines the global circulation of images in the print era from 1890 through the begging of the internet. It is funded by the Swiss National Fund for Research (SNF). This project describes and investigates how certain images circulated more than others - via reproduction, copy, imitations or pastiche - through which paths et according to which timeline these images were spread. The ambition is to understand what makes an image successful, while grasping how image circulation has contributed to the globalization of culture, and if it stems from the symbolic domination of specific nations or cultures according to certain periods of time.


Globalisation, images, visual circulations, centres and peripheries, digital humanities.