VENUE: Altes Spital


Map direction to Solothurn.jpg

If you are flying into Switzerland, you can easily reach Solothurn by train from either

Zurich, Basel or Geneva Airport:


Train travel time and cost from these 3 airports (flughafen = airport in German) to Solothurn City Center (look for Solothurn Hauptbahnhof or Hbf, which means main station):


Zurich Flughafen   –  Solothurn Hbf      takes 1:10 min (direct).            Roundtrip  cost = 86 CHF 

Basel Airport     –  Solothurn  Hbf     takes 1:30 minutes (2 changes). Roundtrip  cost = 64,80 CHF

Geneva Airport –  Solothurn Hbf      takes 1:54 min (direct).                  Roundtrip  cost = 126 CHF


Here is the link to Swiss train timetables and online tickets:

NOTE: depending on your plans you may want to look into travel cards options, sometimes worth it even for a few days


Also, the SBB train site offers Supersaver tickets on some routes. Currently the supersavers are open for train rides on Monday, 20 August. However, if you buy one of these tickets, then you must take that train and no other or you will have to buy an additional ticket for the new train ride. If you see a percent sign in the corner of the connection (figure below) then a supersaver is available. However, you must also choose Supersaver Ticket in the ‘Options for outward journey’ (figure below) once you choose which connection you would like to take. The default is for the normal ticket price.


Once you are in Solothurn, everything is pretty much walking distance.

Please see this map  "Stadtplan_E_Solothurn.pdf" for more details about Solothurn.

The conference will be held at the Altes Spital (number 17 in the map) and the conference dinner will be held at Palais Benseval (number 20 in the map).


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