Project News



The FAIR CHARM Young Researcher Meeting is schdeuled for August 20-21 2024 in Vilnius. Thanks to Light Conversion for hosting the event! Thanks to Doyoung, Giedré, and Lukas for the organization. More information will follow.

19.06.2024 Nicolas Faust at UniGE defended his Master Thesis Assessing the efficiency of Wasserstein distance to quantify image quality in microscopy prepared within FAIR CHARM

12.06.2024 Article from the FAIR CHARM consortium (Uni Lübeck, Biological Research Center Szeged, Uni Geneva) has been published in Small.

11.06.2024 SWIM and SLIDE instruments and results presented by the coordinator at Solid State to Biophysics XI in Dubrovnik

08.06.2024 The Max Planck partner is contributing to the Heart and Brain exhibition at the Forum Wissen in Göttingen with multiphoton images of the heart

15.05.2024 Pieter Vanden Berghe from KU Leuven presents FAIR CHARM at the Photonics21 meeting in Brussels (Innovative Health)

06.05.2024 FAIR CHARM participates to the Third Biennale of the CENN focused on SMART MICROSCOPY with Peter Horvarth as speaker and Laurence Dubreil as member of the organizing committee

22-25.04.2024 The INRAE/ONIRIS team is visiting the University of Lübeck to prepare the forthcoming in vivo experiments on rodents with SLIDE this fall in Nantes

29.02.2024 Image of the month by Dr Milvia Alata, Pieter Vanden Beghe's Lab at KU Leuven

16-18.01.2024 Project partners met in Geneva for the plenary meeting. Great discussions and hands-on sessions on the SLIDE and SWIM prototypes.

14.11.2023 Our partners KU Leuven (BE) and INRAE/ONIRIS (FR) are looking for PostDoc collaborators.

26.10.2023 The SLIDE prototype is installed at the University of Geneva for characterization

30.08.2023 Presentation of joint FAIR CHARM research at Photonica 2023

14.07.2023 SWIM demonstrator at the University of Geneva

12.07.2023 The SLIDE teams (Uni Lübeck and MLL) are in Belgium for joint measurments with KU Leuven

29.06.2023 Dora Gibellieri succesfully defended her Master Thesis in Applied Physics at the University of Geneva

28.06.2023 First video of MLL SLIDE prototype presented at ECBO 2023

15.06.2023 First laboratory SWIM system installed in Göttingen at Max Planck

14-17.03.2023 FAIR CHARM session at the 18th EMIM Conference in Salzburg

05-07.09.2022 FAIR CHARM meeting in Geneva

30.07.2022 Partner presentation at Photonics21

02.05.2022 Partner presentation at From Solid State to Biophysics X

02.05.2022 FAIR CHARM virtual meeting

12.04.2022 Partner presentation at Focus on Microscopy 2022

01.01.2022 Official start of the FAIR CHARM project