Despina ANTYPA

I am interested in emotional memory and stress research, and moreover how we can address questions from the theory and practice of psychology using neuroscientific methods.

My PhD research included studies on emotion and stress modulation of memory, at the different mnemonic stages, using various methods incl. psychopharmacology and neuroimaging, and took place at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) under the supervision of Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier & Prof. Ulrike Rimmele. My post-doc research encompassed studies on stress and cognitive resilience in the elderly, on the neural correlates of social emotion perception and of psychological symptoms and emotional memory in neurological and psychiatric disorders, in collaboration with the teams of Prof. Panagiotis Simos and Prof. Efrosini Papadaki at the Medical School and Prof. Styliani Giakoumaki at the Department of Psychology at the University of Crete (Greece).

My current research aims to investigate the mechanisms of stress and stress regulation in children, 6-10 years old, and its effects to memory formation, considering dyadic, caregiver-child synchrony in physiology and hormonal responses, psychological concepts in development and caregiver-child relation, as well as functional and structural neural correlates, as measured by MEG and DTI MRI, and is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Ulrike Rimmele (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and Prof. Panagiotis Simos (University of Crete & Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas, Greece) with EU funding (MSCA Global Fellowship).

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