Pierrick LAULAN

I am interested in the modulation of memory by emotions.

During my PhD at the University of Bordeaux (France), under the supervision of Prof. S. Mathey and Prof. G. Catheline, I studied the retrieval processes of emotional words in long-term memory using behavioral (progressive demasking for mental lexicon access; free recall and recognition for episodic memory) and neuroimaging (fMRI) paradigms. An important part of my work was also to determine the extent to which aging influences the retrieval of emotional words in long-term memory.

The objective of my postdoctoral studies at the CIGEV under the supervision of Prof. U. Rimmele will be to determine how emotions influence the construction of episodic memories (e.g., memorization of a temporal or spatial context...) during aging. To do so, we will use both behavioral and neuroimaging paradigms, as well as ecological techniques such as virtual reality.

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