Scientific Programme

Wednesday 23th October

16-18h       Welcome, check-in & Registration at Geneva Hostel
18h             Geneva city guided tour
19h30        Get together and dinner (Geneva Hostel)

Thursday 24th October

8h30        Welcome, Registration & Poster setup
9h30         Opening Session (EMPA & SMPA)
9h45        talk 1: Claude Clément (Campus Biotech) - Wyss Center CTO 
"Biotech research: from idea to human"
10h30      Coffee break
11h            Students’ oral presentations

12h15        Lunch break

13h15        EMPA General Assembly
14h15        talk 2: Christian Lovis (Genève) - Clinical informatics
                  "Big Data and Artificial intelligence: are we using it without noticing?"
15h            talk 3: Maël Lemoine (Bordeaux) - Philosophy of sciences
                  "Biomarkers of ageing: what exactly are they biomarking?"

15h45        Coffee break
16h            Welcome cocktail & Poster Session
17h             workshop 1 - Jatin Vyas (Boston)
                                    How to convey science efficiently

19h30       Swiss dinner by the lake (Bain des Pâquis)

Friday 25th October

9h              Students’ oral presentations 
10h            talk 4: Marco Capogrosso (Fribourg) - Neuroprosthetics
                  "Research, Heal and Replace: Real-time neurotechnologies to restore neurological function.

10h40       coffee break

11h              MD-PhD Expert Panel: Mirjam Christ-Crain (Basel) & Jatin Vyas (Boston) & Francesco Negro (Genève)
                   Career choices & challenges; from research to residency; mentorship.
                   Moderator: André dos Santos Rocha

12h30        Lunch break

13h45        SMPA General Assembly
13h45        EMPA workshop - Ali Jawaid (Zürich): "Using Science for Peace-building"
14h45        workshop 2 - Antoine Martin (Lausanne)
                                    Yoga - time to relax

15h45        Closing session & Award ceremony
16h30       Cruise on Leman Lake

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