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  1. Matile, S.; Vargas Jentzsch, A.; Fin, A.; Montenegro, J. “Recent Synthetic Transport Systems” Chem. Soc. Rev. 2011, 40, 2453-2474

This critical review covers progress with synthetic transport systems, particularly ion channels and pores, between January 2006 and December 2009 in a comprehensive manner. This is the third part of a series launched in the year 2000, covering a rich collection of structural and functional motifs that should appeal to a broad audience of non-specialists, including to organic, biological, supramolecular and polymer chemists. Impressive breakthroughs have been achieved over the past four years in part because of a fruitful expansion toward new types of interactions, including metal-organic, π-π, aromatic electron donor-acceptor, anion-π or anion-macrodipole interactions as well as dynamic covalent bonds (169 references).

DOI: 10.1039/C0CS00209G 

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