The Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Geneva enjoys international recognition for a tradition of excellence in research and teaching. According to relevant statistics, it ranks among the very best in Switzerland.

The research activities in the Department focus on the key expertise of the organic chemist, that is the ability to transform matter and to create and study new molecules and supramolecular architectures with relevance in biological, pharmaceutical, medicinal or materials sciences. Unifying “hard” science with “artistic” creativity in a unique manner, this distinguishing ability is and will always be needed to maintain our quality of life (more than one third of Swiss exports), to tackle the challenges facing our society with regard to energy (e.g., solar energy conversion), environment (e.g., green processing) and public health (e.g., drug resistance), and to realize scientific key discoveries.

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Feb. 29, 2024 - Meropi BAGKA
candidate Doctorat es science, mention chimie
New Tools for Target Deconvolution: Identifying BET Bromodomains as Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor 1’s Target
16:15 • Sciences II, A-100 •  info

March 07, 2024 - Georgios Vassilikogiannakis
Laboratory of Organic Synthesis, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete
Photocatalytic Cascade Sequences in Batch and Flow: Applications in Synthesis and Bioconjugation
16:30 • Sciences II, A-100 •  info

March 11, 2024 - Stefan Hecht
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Illuminating Materials, Devices, and Manufacturing with Photoswitches
14:15 • Sciences III, 1S059 •  info

March 21, 2024 - Timothy Noël
Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
From Batch to Flow: Advancing Synthetic Organic Chemistry through Technological Innovation
16:30 • Sciences II, A-100 •  info


Latest Publications


  1. Controlling Symmetry-Breaking Charge Separation in Pyrene Bichromophores
    Wega, J.; Zhang, K.-F.; Lacour, J.; Vauthey, E.
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett., in press
  1. Triple para-Functionalized Cations and Neutral Radicals of Enantiopure Diaza [4]Helicenes
    Fabri, B.; Funaioli, T.; Frédéric, L.; Elsner, C.; Bordignon, E.; Zinna, F.; Di Bari, L.; Pescitelli, G.; Lacour, J.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., in press
  1. Chiral Truxene-Based Self-Assembled Cages: Triple Interlocking and Supramolecular Chirogenesis
    Séjourné, S.; Labrunie, A.; Dalinot, C.; Canevet, D.; Geuchaichia, R.; Bou Zeid, J.; Benchohra, A.; Cauchy, T.; Arnaud, B.; Allain, M.; Chamignon, C.; Viger-Gravel, J.; Pintacuda, G.; Carré, V.; Aubriet, F.; Vanthuyne, N.; Sallé, M.; Goeb, S.
    Angew Chem Int Ed 2024