Publication 184

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  1. Takahashi-Umebayashi, M.; Pineau, L.; Hannich, T.; Zumbuehl, A.; Alonso Doval, D.; Matile, S.; Heinis, C.; Turcatti, G.; Loewith, R.; Roux, A.; Reymond, L.; Johnsson, K.; Riezman, H. “Chemical Biology Approaches to Membrane Homeostasis and Function” Chimia 2011, 65, 849-852

The study of membranes is at a turning point. New theories about membrane structure and function have recently been proposed, however, new technologies, combining chemical, physical, and biochemical approaches are necessary to test these hypotheses. In particular, the NCCR in chemical biology aims to visualize and characterize membrane microdomains and determine their function during hormone signaling.

DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2011.849 

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