Publication 269

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  1. Zong, L.; Bartolami, E.; Abegg, D.; Adibekian, A.; Sakai, N.; Matile, S. “Epidithiodiketopiperazines: Strain-Promoted Thiol-Mediated Cellular Uptake at the Highest Tension” ACS Cent. Sci. 2017, 3, 449-453

The disulfide dihedral angle in epidithiodiketopiperazines (ETPs) is near 0°. Application of this highest possible ring tension to strain-promoted thiol-mediated uptake results in efficient delivery to the cytosol and nucleus. Compared to the previous best asparagusic acid (AspA), ring-opening disulfide exchange with ETPs occurs more efficiently even with nonactivated thiols, and the resulting thiols exchange rapidly with nonactivated disulfides. ETP-mediated cellular uptake is more than 20 times more efficient compared to AspA, occurs without endosomal capture, depends on temperature, and is “unstoppable” by inhibitors of endocytosis and conventional thiol-mediated uptake, including siRNA against the transferrin receptor. These results suggest that ETP-mediated uptake not only maximizes delivery to the cytosol and nucleus but also opens the door to a new multitarget hopping mode of action.

DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.7b00080 

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