Publication 305

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  1. Tsemperouli, M.; Amstad, E.; Sakai, N.; Matile, S.; Sugihara, K. “Black Lipid Membranes: Challenges in Simultaneous Quantitative Characterization by Electrophysiology and Fluorescence Microscopy” Langmuir 2019, 35, 8748-8757

Horizontal black lipid membranes (BLM) enable optical microscopy to be combined with the electrophysiological measurements for studying ion channels, peptide pores and ionophores. However, a careful literature review reveals that simultaneous fluorescence and electrical recording in horizontal BLM has been rarely reported for an unclear reason, whereas many works employ bright-field microscopy instead of fluorescence microscopy or perform fluorescence imaging and electrical measurements one after another separately without truly exploiting the advantage of the combined setup. In this work, the major causes related to the simultaneous electrical and fluorescence recording in horizontal BLM are identified and several solutions to counteract the issue are also proposed.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b00673 

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