NMR Service - Rules of Use of the Spectrometers


Only those who have been formed are allowed to use the spectrometers. The training is given by Stephan Grass, Patrick Romanens or Marion Pupier who can give the formal authorization to use the spectrometers. Spectral processing is normally not done on the spectrometers but on the pc of the individual groups using Mnova.


Spectrometer time reservation for the 300 and 400 MHz can be done the same day using the electronic form. In case of problem with the electronic reservation, a list on paper located near the spectrometers will be used. It is not allowed to reserve more than two consecutive quarters. Any periodic reservation during working days has to be justifiable to the service which may, depending on individual cases, propose less invasive solutions. If a researcher has special needs for time, he informs the service who will eventually allow extended access. If a user finds a spectrometer available, especially during the weekends, he can use it without reservation but he is requested to sign up the electronic reservation. If a spectrometer is not used, but someone has reserved the time, the machine can be used only after checking that the person who made the reservation agrees.

Electronic reservation

From 8h to 19h, the 300 and 400 MHz are in open service with reservation for 5 min. time slots. Users can connect to the reservation form using the HYPERLINK https://www.unige.ch/chiorg/mrbs-1.2.1/web/ using the user "guest" and the usual password. Only the first line has to be filled using the first name, last name, and phone number (for e.g. "Marion Pupier 96092").

It is absolutely mandatory to cancel any unused time so that others can use of it.

Note that reservation and cancellation are logged. This allows reconstituting the planning in case of break down and for statistics.

300 MHz

During daytime, the 300MHz time is shared according to the electronic reservation form. The night is a special slot lasting 13h (from 19h to 8h) it is attributed, on request, to one or more person for long acquisitions.

The night slot

To request the night slot, the candidates add their names and phone number before 17h into the "19h" slot. When more than one candidate need time, they discuss at 17h with a member of the Service in case of conflict so that a solution can be found. When the attribution is made the reservation is modified to correspond to the actual use. If the night slot is not reserved by 17h, it is attributed to the first person registering for it.

400 MHz

During daytime, the 400 MHz time is shared according to the electronic reservation form. Those who wish to run experiment during the night with the sample changer record their needs on the sample changer window between 12h and 19h.

The sample changer

Please check that the number in the electronic list corresponds to the position on the sample changer - some position may be empty before 19h when the samples are not ready yet. If the 13 hours of night time are booked (19h-8h), it is useless to program new acquisition. If such case occurs ask the service personal so that a solution can be found using the 300 MHz or the 500 MHz machine. Those who are not formed to program the sample changer must ask the service for a formation. The sample changer is started by an assistant designated by the service. His name is displayed on the door of the 400 MHz spectrometer and the electronic form at the "19h" slot. Warning: The "urgent" option of the sample changer is bugged. Never check the priority box when programming your acquisitions. It is not allowed to increase the number of scans afterwards. Please limit your complete analysis to important samples. Every analysis has to be justifiable. It is requested to concentrate sample in order to make the analysis fast enough (one hour or so) For longer acquisitions, please only acquire the DEPT-135 (which needs half the time for the same SNR) instead of both the {1H}13C and DEPT-135. When possible, run long experiments during the weekend or on the 300 MHz night slot (13h).

500 MHz

The request for special acquisitions has to be made to Marion Pupier who organizes the time. One may need to wait a couple of days for any request of the 500 MHz time.

Tubes J-Young

Unfortunately, the J-Young tubes cannot be used with any of our sample changers.

High and low temperature

The high and low temperatures are special requests to be made to the Service.


It is important and mandatory to announce any problem encountered when using the NMR spectrometers. This is especially true for tubes that are broken into the probe or if the sample changer is not running.