LS2 Microscopy Webinar Series - JUNE

Microscopy Webinars SeriesThe LS2 Microscopy Intersection is happy to organize the Microscopy Webinar Series.

It will be an opportunity to bring together microscopists, computer and life scientists within Switzerland and beyond to build a lively community. One Tuesday each month, a speaker will share their exciting work on imaging methods and their applications in science or industry.

The next LS2 Microscopy Webinar will take place on the 15th June 2021 at 17:00 (~30min plus Q&A time).

Lorenzo Tala (EPFL) - "Using Interferometric scattering microscopy (iSCAT) to study bacterial mechanosensation"

The opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa explores surfaces using twitching motility powered by type IV pili (TFP). Single cells also use TFP to sense the surface, and respond by upregulating many genes associated with virulence. To twitch and sense surfaces, cells cyclically extend, attach and retract their TFP. Both TFP activity and mechanosensing depend on activation of a chemotaxis-like system called Chp. However, how TFP activates the Chp system and how this feeds back on TFP activity remains unknown. Here we show that Chp activation by TFP provides a positive feedback on its activity. We first demonstrate that surface contact increases twitching motility in a Chp-dependent manner. Using localization of fluorescent protein fusions and measurements of piliation by interferometric scattering microscopy, we highlight the mechanism by which the chemotaxis like system controls motility, independently of transcriptional feedback.

Please register for the series, the Zoom link will be sent to registered participants 48h before each webinar.

Registration is free for LS2 members and non-members