You must be registered as a user to be able to book hours on an instrument. See the User Guideline.

Users can access the booking page by clicking on the “Reservation” button at the top of the right panel (visible on each page). You will need to provide a valid username and password.

All microscopes and workstations are listed in the booking window. Maximum duration and prices are listed for each instrument. To book one of them:

  • Click the link on the right side (Hour(s) Reservation)
  • Select your booking date
  • Activate the reservation time you wish by just clicking in the corresponding field. To validate, click update and then WINDOW CLOSE
  • To check your booking, reload [] the date page. Your initials should appear.
  • You can now leave the booking page

You can remove/delete your booking up to 2 hours before the start of your reservation. For “last minute” withdrawals, please contact the next person as (s)he might be interested to start earlier.

Don’t forget to cancel your booking if you cannot come (especially if you are the last user of the day).


To become a user, please go to the User Guideline page.


Current user fees

The following fees are for academic users only*

Confocal microscopes
  • Leica SP8 28 CHF per hour
  • Leica SP8 DIVE FALCON 30-35 CHF per hour
  • Leica SP5 30 CHF per hour
  • Spinning disc confocals 20-24 CHF per hour
  • Zeiss 800 25 CHF per hour
  • Zeiss 780 30 CHF per hour
  • Zeiss 710 30 CHF per hour
Widefield and fluorescence microscopes
  • Leica DMI8 15 CHF per hour for first 2 hours 9 CHF thereafter
  • Zeiss AxioImager 15 CHF per hour
  • Nikon Eclipse 80i 15 CHF per hour
  • Nikon Stereo SMZ 15 CHF per hour
  • Nikon Biostation 8 CHF per hour
  • Bioluminescence 4 CHF per hour for first 2 hours 3 CHF thereafter
Computer and software
  • usage 10 CHF per hour

These fees do not include costs for consumables like glass bottom dishes, plates... The Photonic Bioimaging Center has some of these materials at stock and is offering it to users at purchasing costs.

*These user fees can be adjusted upon notification by the Photonic Bioimaging Center if necessary. Individual discounts may be offered to heavy users at the end of each billing period

We offer a 9 days block course in light microscopy once a year (october). For more information, see this page: Light Microscopy Course