Image of the month - January Mouse rhinarium tip with vibrissal follicles and muscle fibres
Paule Dagenais, a postdoc in the LANE (Milinkovitch's group) took this image of a coronal section in the tip of an adult mouse rhinarium, with large vibrissal follicles and transversal muscle fibres, nuclear staining appeares in magenta and tissue autofluorescence in cyan.

It was shot at the Photonic Bioimaging Center, using the new Ultra Blaze Light Sheet microscope.

Photonic Bioimaging TeamThe Photonic Bioimaging Center was founded in 2002 by the NCCR Frontiers in Genetics. It is a common platform of the Faculty of Sciences and iGE3. Under the auspices of the iGE3, it is mainly supported by the Section of Biology and the Biochemistry Department. The Center is open to the entire scientific and biomedical community of the Geneva academic landscape.

It is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art equipment and technology for light microscopy. Specialists offer advice and guidance for each step of your imaging project starting from experimental approach to data analysis.

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LS2 Microscopy Prestige Webinar - August
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Bioimaging - OfferThe Photonic Bioimaging Center is providing help at different levels :

The center is equipped with bench space that is available to users of our service.

Available upon request

  • Fees and prices
  • Design and optimization of protocols for complex experiments and applications (especially living-cell conditions, FRET, FRAP, superresolution)
  • Alternative forms of services

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