Welcome to the Proteomics Core Facility of the faculty of medicine

University of Geneva, Switzerland


The Proteomics Core Facility provides a full infrastructure for protein identification, characterization and quantitation using mass spectrometry based proteomics approaches.

The mission of the Proteomics Core Facility is to support scientist in their research by providing a wide range of proteomics services using various platforms for protein and peptide separation, state-of-the-art mass spectrometers for LC-MS analysis and specialized bioinformatics tools for data analysis.

The main activities of the facility are protein separation, protein identification from simple to highly complex matrices, protein characterization (analysis of post-translational modifications) and protein level quantitation (TMT, iTRAQ, SILAC, Label-free).

The Proteomics Core Facility provides also technical advice and help researcher to design proteomics experiments.

The Facility is dedicated to local academic users (University of Geneva) but is also open for external academic researchers and for industry.