LS2 Microscopy Webinar Series - SEPTEMBER

Microscopy Webinars SeriesThe LS2 Microscopy Intersection is happy to organize the Microscopy Webinar Series.

The 2nd Junior Scientist Symposium

It will be an opportunity to bring together microscopists, computer and life scientists within Switzerland and beyond to build a lively community. One Tuesday each month, a speaker will share their exciting work on imaging methods and their applications in science or industry.

The next LS2 Microscopy Webinar will take place on the 27th Sept 2022 at 16:00 (~30min plus Q&A time).

From smart microscopy to biological insight

The introduction of novel, rapid methods of microscopy have enabled researchers to capture large amounts of data in a short amount of time, creating the necessity for approaches to automatically identify and filter for relevant information. This is traditionally done through downstream analysis after an experiment is complete, however an alternative approach is to adaptively refine the parameters of data acquisition throughout the course of the experiment, such that only relevant data is captured in the first place. In our lab, we combine image analysis techniques with microscopy control tools to create a fully automated microscope setup that adaptively performs experiments without the need for manual intervention. The data acquired through this intelligent microscopy approach is then further processed to yield a multidimensional quantification representing the relevant properties and dynamics visible in each image. Finally, dimensionality reduction and clustering techniques or similar methods can be used to obtain a distinction into subpopulations or phenotypes, which serve as the basis for an interpretation. Here, I will describe how we integrate these automated data acquisition and analysis steps into a pipeline to obtain reliable and reproducible results leading to insight into microbial systems, using bacterial swarms as an example.

Please register for the series, the Zoom link will be sent to registered participants 24h before each webinar.

Registration is free for LS2 members and non-members