Zeiss Software Trainings - ZEN blue



Zeiss Remote Software Trainings - Free weekly session with ZEN Blue


ZEN blue is the digital imaging suite for your research applications. Starting in May 2022, we are offering 5 weekly training sessions on ZEN blue that will help you to improve your handling with the ZEISS imaging software. 

The trainings focus on practical hands-on learning and are designed to give you the tools you need to directly start your imaging. Our software experts will guide you through the different parameters step by step and help you to optimize your imaging.

You will be able to ask questions to our software experts and any questions that cannot be answered directly in the session will be addressed afterwards.

The series is recommended especially for applications in Life Sciences and partly in Education & Routine. Depending on your level of knowledge and your focus, you can choose the ideal session for you. You can join only single sessions or all sessions, there are no prerequisites needed.

Learn together with us how to get optimal imaging results and apply the knowledge right away in your everyday work!