Nikon Ti / CSU-W1 Spinning Disc Confocal

Nikon Ti / CSU-W1 Spinning Disc Confocal

For imaging of rapid events like calcium signaling, vesicle transport or chromosome dynamics, traditional point scanning confocal microscopes are often not fast enough.

With the spinning disc technology it is possible to do confocal optical sectioning at video rate enabling the visualization of very fast processes in living cells at high resolution.

This new spinning disc confocal system (Intelligent Imaging Innovations with Yokogawa CSU-W1) is mounted on an inverted microscope (Nikon Ti) with convenient Perfect Focus Autofocus. It is equipped with 4 excitation lasers (405, 488, 561 and 640nm) and a very nice new generation back-illuminated sCMOS camera with 1200X1200 pixels (11x11um) and 95% quantum efficiency offering 4 times wider field of view.

It comes with long distance as well as high NA air objectives and a very high resolution 100x/1.49NA oil objective.

To make it usable for live cell imaging we provide a temperature control system for heating and cooling (17-37°C+).

A new mechanism to move the disks out of the light path allows much easier projection of confocal and non-confocal images such as bright field.