Leica DMI8

The Leica DMI8 is an integrated system for advanced widefield fluorescence imaging and analysis. This ultra-fast system offers the ultimate in hardware and software integration to study the processes of life. Imaging fast cell dynamics or 4D experiments over several days can easily be performed. Carefully selected components ensure the necessary stability for long term experiments keeping the cells in optimal condition.

The system is equipped with two cameras:

  • Evolve 512 EMCCD from Photometrics. Pixel size is 16 µm in a 512 by 512 CCD chip. This backthinned EMCCD offers highest sensitivity (over 90% quantum efficiency) plus a very high read-out time. Due to the larger pixel size, resolution is inferior compared to the Coolsnap camera.
  • Orca R2 from Hamamatsu. Pixel size is 6.45 µm in a 1344 x 1024 CCD chip. This cooled CCD camera is fast, has a good sensitivity and allows for high resolution due to the small pixel size.

Filters available on the system are: A4 (UV-filter), BGR (blue-green-red triple filter), GFP, CFP, YFP, Y5 and I3 (FITC). In addition there is a special FRET filter for the measurement of sensitized emission available.

Objectives are the following: 10x (dry), 20x (multi-immersion), 40x (dry, long distance), 63x (glycerine immersion, corrected to work at 37°C) and 100x (oil immersion).

The microscope stand sits in a thermo-box where the temperature can be regulated from 22°C to 37°C. For mammalian cells, humidification and CO2 are equally available.