Zeiss AXIO Imager Z1m

The Axio Imager Z1m from Zeiss is a fully motorized upright microscope. The system is intended for an easy and fast approach to fluorescence microscopy of live and fixed samples.

It is equipped with a high resolution (2048X2048), fast and sensitive sCMOS monochrome camera (Hamamatsu, Flash4.0) and has filter cubes for UV (Dapi, Hoechst), CFP, FITC, YFP, TRITC and Cy5.

It is possible to take image stacks in multiple colors and to do time laps experiments. The user interface is very simple and the entire system is straightforward and easy to use. Users especially like the possibility to use dip-in objectives they can utilize for the analysis of fluorescent expression patterns of cells growing in petri or multi-well dishes.