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Our 2022 Recap...

Visual Contagions.

Art, Images, and Globalisation.

  • What is it that supports an image's circulation ?
  • How can the circulation of an image contribute to a globalisation of culture?
  • Is there a tendency for certain countries to dominate this circulation phenomena?


 Thinking Europe Visually.

International Conference - Paris, Ecole normale supérieure & Jeu de Paume, 9-10 June 2022.


Styles Revisited
From Iconology to Digital Image Studies

Artlas/Visual Contagions 2022-2023 Monthly Seminar : Call for Papers (deadline : 30th June 2022)

 Espace de Création numérique du Jeu de Paume


Qu’est-ce qu’une image qui marche ? Les images qui ont fait et font encore la mondialisation sont-elles plus fortes et virales que les autres ? Et quel est leur rôle dans cet étonnant phénomène culturel, social, économique et politique qu’est la mondialisation ?

 Une exposition en ligne, à partir du 10 mai 2022.

 The Project Visual Contagions

How does the circulation and dissemination of images take place on a global scale?

Is the flow heterogeneous? Is certain imagery indicative of a specific location or culture? The vast quantity and variety of printed matter, art magazines and other propaganda journals testify to a phenomenon of movement on a global scale. Visual contagions, linking one iconography to another, allow the establishment of visual block busters leading to an international reflection.

These are the enigmas that this project aims to answer by working on digitised illustrated printed material from the period 1890 and 1990, before the Internet.


The images retrieved from these periodicals, catalogues and posters will be matched and analysed via matching and pattern comparison algorithms. The goal of the project is, from the spatio-temporal quantitative analysis of images that are similar to each other but that were produced at different dates, to the close, traditional study of images and archives in context, to better understand "visual contagions" (or more precisely, the spatio-temporal circulation of styles, motifs, themes - etc., since the 19th century).

 2 Exhibitions on the Project / Expositions sur le projet !

UNIGE, Dufour

A conversation in images between students of the workshop of Prof. Marie José Burki at the Beaux-arts de Paris and students of the seminar of Prof. Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel at UNIGe

➤ Opening 11 May 2022

Jeu de Paume, Paris

Espace de Création numérique

The Project's Exhibition, in Dialogue with 6 Young Artists

➤  10 May - 31 December  2022




International symposium,
June 9-10 2022,
Centre IMAGO / Ecole normale supérieure, Paris

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New Media

Symposium for the Visual Contagions project,
September 13-15 2021,
University of Geneva, Switzerland


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 Comment parler d'images qu'on n'a jamais vues ?

Les sciences humaines face au déluge des images.


Leçon d'ouverture du Printemps à l'UNIGE, 2022


Archive de la conférence de Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, Professeure à la Faculté des lettres, Chaire des humanités numériques. Université de Genève (22 février 2022)