Update: August 31st, 2022

The two years of Pandemic Covid-19 we just went through heavily impacted academic exchange, with 2020-2021 having the highest number of exchange cancellations.

We are therefore pleased to see that this semester marks a near to normal return, with a larger incoming and outgoing population than in 2019.




Organization of the office

For further information, please contact our team according to your status.

Informations For incoming Students

If entry into Switzerland, or exit from your country is not possible, your academic exchange shall be recognized if you take your classes online, only if your institution accepts this exchange modality and agrees to award the credits.

No scholarship shall be paid out if courses are taken online from the student’s home country. 

Information For outgoing students

Reminder: exchanges are validated when students go to their destination, regardless of the format of courses offered by the partner university. Given the current situation, a new regulation has been adopted by the rectorate:

The academic exchange shall also be recognized when the courses at the partner institution are taken online, regardless of the place of residence under the following conditions, valid for both incoming and outgoing exchanges:

  1. entry into the country, or exit from the country, is impossible
  2. the Faculty accepts this new exchange modality, approves the courses selected, and agrees to award the full amount of credits for an exchange as stipulated in the plan of study, and confirms that the exchange is indispensable for the student in question
  3. the partner offers online courses and accepts the application.

No scholarship shall be paid out if courses are taken online from the student’s home country.

Students wishing to benefit from this format must prove our service that conditions 1 and 2 are met.

Please note that students are required to hold accident and health insurance policies as well as repatriation insurance; these policies should be valid throughout the exchange period. Additionally, we recommend purchasing cancellation insurance when buying airplane tickets.

Before traveling to another country, you are strongly advised to seek information from the embassies or consulates for your destination country. In all cases, it is absolutely essential to carefully follow rules of hygiene and behavior recommended by the Federal and Cantonal health authorities. Members of the university community must also be aware of UNIGE’s policy regarding risk areas.