Problem Solver - Promoting the importance of Education

In order to guarantee access to education to all children, we need to promote how important education is towards the governments of the world, particularly towards the governments that don't allow enough funds to social development. The future generations are our legacy, the one who will keep fighting in order to make the world a better place: we need to give them the tools necessary in order to understand the world they are living in, and in order for them to act in this world. Therefore, the governments of many countries should give more funds to the educational system. In the Youth Charter, we should emphasize how important education is: some good arguments in the Charter for a better educational system may give states the incentive to spend more funds on the educational system.

The Youth Charter should contain many articles explaining why education is so important. These arguments are addresses to the states and should give them incentives to act.

  • Education is the legacy we give to future generations

  • A good educational system goes along with future experts in the country, who will act for the development of the country

  • A good educational system is also a guarantee of peace, of tolerance and of understanding within the country

Education is, in my view, at the center of many problems. If, in an idealistic world, every child had access to education, I am convinced there would be less wars and conflicts, there would be mutual understanding between the countries and there would be better economic performances in many countries. The development of the educational system should become a priority for states around the world, and the Youth Charter should emphasize this point.

S. M. - Switzerland

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