Academic Networks

Scholars at Risk



The University of Geneva has been a member of the Scholars at Risk (SAR) network since 2008.

The University of Geneva can host teachers and researchers categorised as being at risk by SAR (threat of imprisonment, to physical integrity, etc.) for a period of up to 1 year, thus allowing them to maintain contact with the academic community while in exile.

At the end of their stay, the scholars at risk have the opportunity to develop their professional network in order to pursue their academic activities in Switzerland or abroad, at another SAR member institution or para-university structure.

The ultimate aim of this temporary hosting is to enable the scholar to be reintegrated at a university in their home country as soon as the political situation allows.   

The University of Geneva is also involved in the defence of academic freedom, participating actively in the SAR network (communication on publication of "free to think" reports, Swiss SAR network, ties to international organisations, inviting guest speakers, raising awareness among the authorities, etc.)


University of Geneva teaching staff: contact Mathieu.Crettenand(at) to advise us of your availability to host a scholar at risk or to be kept informed  of the activities of the Swiss network.


Teachers and researchers at risk in their home country
: contact the SAR office in New York to launch an investigation and obtain "at risk" status.