Storage at UNIGE

UNIGE offers three different but complementary storage solutions for your data, each with its own advantages.


Local hard driveAcadmic NAS

EduCloud/Filr (to access the NAS in cloud mode)

Magnetic tapes
Personal computer
Lab equipments
Institutional file servers Institurional file servers (EduCloud/Filr allows you to upload and share documents on the NAS via a web browser) Storage on tapes
Not easily shared Easily shared Easily shared Not easily shared
Personal access Access management for UNIGE members Access management for UNIGE, and non-UNIGE members Personal access
Security and backups to manage by one-self Security and backups managed by IT-staff Automatic security and backups Security and backups in collaboration with IT-staff

50 GB free
75 chf /  To / year

EduCloud/Filr are free services but storage on the NAS can cost something (50 GB free, then 75 chf / To / year)
  • Less than 500TB : 25 CHF/TB/year
  • 500TB to 1 PB : 20 CHF/TB/year
  • 1 PB to 1.5 PB : 15 CHF/TB/year
  • 1.5 PB and more : 10 CHF/TB/year


Where large volumes of data need to be stored and do not need to be changed or accessed regularly, tape storage is inexpensive (max CHF 25/TB/year) and environmentally responsible thanks to its offline feature which minimises power consumption.

Requests for space can be made using the form :