Storage at UNIGE

UNIGE offers three different but complementary storage solutions for your data, each with its own advantages.


Local hard driveAcademic NAS

Cloud (OneDrive)

Magnetic tapes
Personal computer
Lab equipments
Institutional file servers File servers Storage on tapes
Not easily shared Easily shared Easily shared Not easily shared
Personal access Access management for UNIGE members Access management for UNIGE, and non-UNIGE members Personal access
Security and backups to manage by one-self Security and backups managed by IT-staff Automatic security and backups, need to be parameterized Security and backups in collaboration with IT-staff

50 GB free
75 chf /  To / year

  • 5 Tb free for the collaborators
  • 100 Gb free for the students
  • Less than 500TB : 25 CHF/TB/year
  • 500TB to 1 PB : 20 CHF/TB/year
  • 1 PB to 1.5 PB : 15 CHF/TB/year
  • 1.5 PB and more : 10 CHF/TB/year


Where large volumes of data need to be stored and do not need to be changed or accessed regularly, tape storage is inexpensive (max CHF 25/TB/year) and environmentally responsible thanks to its offline feature which minimises power consumption.

Requests for space can be made using the form :