To offer basic, advanced and continuing education in the framework of the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

To pursue the acquisition of fundamental knowledge through research. Where a research field may lead to practical spin-offs, the University supports the related applied research. The University is involved in most cutting-edge sectors and has been active in multi- and interdisciplinary research for several years

The University offers continuing education, expert advice and research services to the community. It is especially active in providing services to public and private companies. The University assists researchers to transform innovations into socially useful products.


  • Cycling for a Geneva Academy Scholarship - A Transalpine Journey to the Cradle of the Red Cross


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  • Soutenance de thèseA Framework for Opinion Change Mining in Social Networks: Tracking Opinion change on Twitter

    28.07.2017 10:00 – 12:00 / Battelle / Salle du rez, bâtiment A

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  • ExpositionDe la molécule à la pilule

    28.07.2017 07:30 – 19:00 / Uni Carl Vogt / Salle d'exposition de l'UNIGE (66 bd Carl-Vogt)

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  • Exposition"Désobéir ?

    28.07.2017 08:00 – 22:00 / Uni Mail / Bibliothèque

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  • ExpositionL'affaire du sarcophage romain

    28.07.2017 15:00 – 18:00 / Uni Bastions / Salle des moulages (Aile Jura, 2e sous-sol)

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