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UNIGE students, teachers and staff MEMBERS

carte lecteur

Your multiservices card also serves as your library card.

Registration is automatic. You can also scan the card with the UNIGE mobile app and use the digital version to borrow documents from the UNIGE Library sites.

Readers from outside UNIGE


Carte lecteur hors UNIGE

Registration online or at your own library.

See the registration conditions. The card costs CHF 10.- (free for HUG members)

  • For minors (under 18), the signature of a legal representative is required.


in all cases

  • you must show your card for all borrowing transactions. The digital version available on the UNIGE mobile app can only be used at the UNIGE Library sites
  • your card is personal and is not transferable.

If you lose your card:

  • multiservice card : contact the CAD (the  duplicate costs CHF 25.-) More info (French)
  • Geneva Library Network (RERO Geneva) card : contact your library (the duplicate costs CHF 10.-)